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Avon – 1195
Bedfordshire – 1345
Berkshire – 2545
Buckinghamshire – 1525
Cambridgeshire – 855
Cheshire – 15
Cleveland- 805
County Durham – 680
Derbyshire – 315
Devon – 755
Dorset – 225
Essex – 1115
Gloucestershire – 260
Hampshire – 1620
Herefordshire – 5
Hertfordshire – 550
Isle of Wight – 25
Kent – 2800
Lancashire –  16,660
Leicestershire – 3175
Merseyside –  1455
Middlesex – 6345
Midlands – 13,250
Norfolk –  50
Northumberland – 5
Oxfordshire – 1135
Shropshire – 55
Somerset – 325
South Yorkshire – 1560
Staffordshire – 200
Suffolk –  335
Surrey – 3290
Sussex – 1085
Tyne & Wear – 100
Warwickshire – 205
West Yorkshire – 10,810
Wiltshire – 530
Worcestershire – 150





Unlike other publications that cater for a specific ethnic group, The Muslim News is aimed at the wider Muslim community. And according to the Office of National Statistics, Muslims are the most ethnically diverse religious group in England and Wales. This makes any advertisers attempt to target Muslim consumers using only “Asian” or any other ethnic publications counter-productive.
The Muslim News reaches the most diverse ethnic communities: Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Indian, Kashmiri, Sri Lankan, Turkish, Turkish Cypriots, Arabs, Iranian, Malaysian, Kosovan, Bosnian, African (including Somalis), Afro Caribbean etc.


Muslims are the next largest religious group in the UK with 2.7 million people (4.8 per cent of the population). Between 2001 and 2011 there has been an increase in people who identify as Muslim (3 % to 4.8%) the BIGGEST INCREASE OF ALL FAITHS. The Muslim News is available in most mosques, Islamic centres, universities, Muslim bookshops, colleges, libraries across the country and we have mail shots for over 600 mosques.

Year No of Muslims Muslim (population) Registered Mosques
1961 50,000 0.11% 7
1971 226,000 0.46% 30
1981 553,000 1.11% 149
1991 950,000 1.86% 443
2001 1,600,000 3.07% 614
2011 2,706,000 4.83% 1,500



35,500 + the number of emails available to The Muslim News for mail shots (as of October 2014). Stats below

Media 4,123
Muslim News 16,335
Schools 3,566
France Mosques/Islamic Centre’s 73
UK Mosques/Islamic Centre’s 757
USA Mosques/Islamic Centre’s 619
Welsh Parliament 53
MPs 658
MEP’S 2014 726
Scottish Parliament 123
Councillors 6,643



•    £3.6 billion the combined liquid assets of  10,000 Muslim millionaires in the UK (Datamonitor 2008)
•    £31+ billion estimated contribution to UK economy
•   £20.5 billion estimated British Muslim spending power
•  The global Halal food industry is worth $661 billion; £1billion is the estimated size of UK Halal food industry
•    84 % of all ethnic minority adults read ethnic publications
•    40% of London’s ethnic minority population is Muslim (1 million)
•  £6.23 in revenue is generated for every £1 spent on print ads compared with £3.57 for  TV [Source:  A study by econometricians at Brand Science for the Outdoor OAA, 2008]
•   Research suggests that Muslims give to charity more than twice as much per capita  than the average Briton (a reported £370 vs £165). [Prime Minister David Cameron said this at The Muslim News Awards for Excellence event on March 31, 2014]










Did you know The Muslim News…

Provides objective news & views of Muslims in the UK

Began publishing in February 1989, is the oldest, well established and respected Muslim newspaper in the UK

The only independent monthly Muslim newspaper in the UK. It is neither backed by any country, organisation nor any party

Is renowned for its objectivity & authenticity of its news, & is the most authoritative commentator on British Muslim affairs

Is the most consulted paper in the UK on Muslim domestic & international issues by various media, institutions, academics and researchers – both Muslim and non-Muslim

Has been one of the pioneers of recognising the Muslim community; it has campaigned for a British Muslim identity

Ethnic readership is dynamic & diverse; South Asian (Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Kashmiri and Indian), Indonesian, Malaysian, Turkish, Turkish-Cypriot, Iranian, Arab, Bosnian, Kosovan, African, Afro-Caribbean, Somali & other ethnic minorities. Our readership is mainly the second & third generation Muslims but also targets first generation

Highlights human rights abuses against British Muslims

Organizes the pioneering prestigious annual ‘The Muslim News Awards for Excellence’ event to acknowledge British Muslim contribution to society & celebrate excellence and highlights the achievements in the Muslim community. It is also intended that by identifying Muslim achievers and success stories around the UK, we will go some way towards providing the much needed positive role models for our younger generation, and towards countering the misconceptions and prejudice that, more often than not, surround Muslim community representation in the media.

The Editor, Ahmed J Versi, founded the UK Muslim Women’s Sport in 2001 and later founded Muslim Women Sport Foundation. In 2001 & 2005, The Muslim News organized teams to participate in the International Islamic Women’s Games. Versi was elected as an executive committee member of the International Islamic Women’s Games, in charge of non-Muslim countries during 2001-2005

Reports on what is unreported by the non-Muslim media. It is pro-active and sets the vision for the Muslim community

In its 25 years of publication, has highlighted some of the media’s and establishment’s institutionalised Islamophobia on various issues – political (both domestic & international), education, employment & religion

The Muslim News Awards for Excellence event is to acknowledge British Muslim and non-Muslim contributions to society. Over 850 people from diverse background, Muslim and non-Muslim, attended the gala dinner.

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