Mozambique: Conflicts continue despite ongoing peace talks between Mozambique gov’t and opposition

6th Mar 2014

MAPUTO, (Xinhua): Mozambique’s main opposition party Renamo complained on Wednesday for the attacks towards them from the government forces in central Mozambique, as the two sides already expressed their common will to cease fire early this week.

The spokesperson of the leader of Renamo, Antonio Muchanga, said his party was surprised when finding military movements by the government forces with heavy weapons on Tuesday night, ending with attacks to his party’s base on Wednesday morning.

Jose Pacheco, spokesperson of the Frelimo-led government delegation in the talks with Renamo, reacted as saying that, the government forces were hunting those responsible for the attacks in which Renamo attacked a military vehicle on Monday, pointing to the former rebel movement as “violent.”

On the other hand, the two delegations had expressed their willingness to put an end to the conflicts on Monday after the negotiation.

Pacheco confirmed that the peace mechanisms are already on the table, but the time to announce them is yet to come.

“We have identified them, we still need to identify more, scheduled them and bring the talks to a high level between the President of the Republic, Armando Guebuza and the leader of the main opposition, Afonso Dlhakama,” said Pacheco.

Violence revived in the post-colonial country last May when Renamo attacked government forces, and tension between the two sides ratcheted up after Mozambican troops stormed Renamo’s main base in the mountainous Gorongosa region, where its leader Afonso Dhlakama had been staying, last October.

Renamo accused the government of not honoring a 1992 peace treaty that ended the 16-year civil war between Renamo and the ruling party, and boycotted Mozambique’s fourth municipal polls last November, but expressed their interest to run for this October’s elections.

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