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Tunisia: One killed, 14 injured in clashes between Salafists, police in Tunis

20th May 2013

TUNIS, (Xinhua): A protester was killed on Sunday in Tunisian capital during clashes between police and a hardline Salafist group that was banned from holding their congress, official TAP news agency said.

The protester, 27, who engaged in the pro-Islamist protest organized by members of Salafist group Ansar El Shariaa, received gunshot wound and died later in a hospital in western Tunis, TAP said.

At least 11 police officers and three Salafists were also injured during the clashes, Radio Mosaique FM reported.

Meanwhile, a group of radical Islamists lowered the Tunisian national flag and raised the black Salafist flag outside an administrative building in Ettadhamen, a neighborhood in the west of Tunis, according to local media.

Clashes erupted on Sunday morning between Salafists and police in Ettadhamen after some Salafists tried to hold a meeting there.

While police forces used teargas to disperse the meeting, angry members of the Jihadi Salafist group threw stones at the latter.

Similar clashes were also reported in northern city of Kairouan.

Ansar El Shariaa group, whose leader is still on the run, has been banned from holding their congress in Kairouan.

Recently, Tunisia’s security has been challenged by Salafist militants who demanded to set up of Islamic rule (Shariaa) in the country.

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