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Argentina: Floods kill 46 in Buenos Aires province

4th Apr 2013
Argentina: Floods kill 46 in Buenos Aires province

BUENOS AIRES, (Xinhua): At least 46 people have died from flash floods in Argentina’s Buenos Aires province, after torrential rains dumped more than 40 centimeters of rainstorm in some parts, authorities confirmed Wednesday.

The heaviest rainfall fell between late Tuesday and early Wednesday in and around the nation’s capital Buenos Aires and the provincial capital La Plata, 60 kilometers southwest of the capital.

Daniel Scioli, Gov. of Buenos Aires, said “At least 35 people died in La Plata city, most of them in the neighborhood of Tolosa. ”

Authorities found six bodies Tuesday night in Buenos Aires proper, and three more bodies early Wednesday in suburbs around the capital.

The downpours first affected Buenos Aires with 18.5 centimeters of rain in just two hours, but later ravaged La Plata, where more than 40 centimeters of rain led to sudden floods that trapped some victims in their cars, according to official reports.

“It is an unprecedented tragedy,” said Scioli, warning the death toll may rise since “there are still some houses that have to be inspected.”

Buenos Aires Mayor Mauricio Macri called the rains “were the worst in the city in the past 100 years.”

“The floods have come to stay and they are not going away,” he said. “These violent rains are recurring due to climate change and we have to undertake public works, hydraulic plans have to definitely be put into action.”

On Wednesday, past 13:50 local time, some 2,500 residents of La Plata had been evacuated from their flooded homes, where in some cases the water reached as high as one and a half meters.

In addition, about 280,000 residents of Buenos Aires were affected by a blackout, according to a report from the Ministry of Planning.

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