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11th Aug 2013

UK: David Cameron says high-level taskforce to tackle violence against Muslims

The following Press Association story is based on press release sent by The Muslim News Saturday:   A high-level taskforce set up by David Cameron to tackle extremism will focus on violence against Muslims at its next meeting, the Prime Minister … Continued

11th Aug 2013

Germany: US drone deaths not linked to intel swap, says German agency

Germany’s international intelligence agency has admitted to sharing mobile numbers of terrorism suspects with foreign partners. A representative denied that the information could have led to deaths in US drone strikes. The unnamed representative of the Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND) said that … Continued

11th Aug 2013

Egypt: Four people killed in Sinai by Israeli drone

Four Islamist militants were killed by a missile strike in Egypt’s North Sinai region on Friday, Egyptian security sources said. Five security sources told Reuters the attack was carried out by Israeli forces. But the Egyptian armed forces officially denied … Continued

10th Aug 2013

US plans to reopen 18 diplomatic posts after terror alert

The United States has said it plans to reopen 18 of the 19 embassies and consulates closed due to a global terror alert. The embassy in Yemen, however, will remain closed because of an ongoing threat. The US State Department … Continued

10th Aug 2013

Yemen: US drone kills three more in east Yemen

A suspected US drone killed three people in east Yemen, a local official said, the third strike within 24 hours allegedly targeting al-Qaeda’s Yemeni branch. The three men were travelling in a vehicle in the province of Hadramout in an … Continued

9th Aug 2013

US indicts 2 friends of Boston Marathon bombing suspect

WASHINGTON, (Xinhua): U.S. federal authorities on Thursday indicted two Kazakh students for aiding and abetting the Boston Marathon bombing suspect whom they befriended, the next step in bring them to trial. Dias Kadyrbayev and Azamat Tazhayakov, both 19, were also … Continued

9th Aug 2013

Pakistan: US issues travel alert, orders non-essential staff to leave Lahore

WASHINGTON, (Xinhua): The United States on Thursday night ordered non-emergency staff from its consulate general in Lahore, Pakistan to leave, citing specific terror threats. “The Department of State ordered the departure of non-emergency U.S. government personnel from the U.S. Consulate … Continued

9th Aug 2013

Yemen: New US drone strike in Yemen kills six

An [US] drone strike in Yemen killed six alleged al-Qaeda members Thursday, a tribal source said, a day after Sanaa reported it had foiled a militant plot to storm a Western-run oil terminal. The dawn attack, presumed to have been launched … Continued

6th Aug 2013

Top-level al Qa’ida chatter cited over embassy closures

Intercepted communications between al Qaeda leaders were part of the reason for the closure of US embassies in the Middle East and Africa. US media said chatter at the highest level had raised fears of a major attack. Officials were … Continued

5th Aug 2013

US to keep 19 missions closed for next week amid fears of terrorist attack

The US has announced that many of the embassies that it closed over fears of a terror attack will remain shut for the coming week. Some European countries have also temporarily closed their diplomatic missions in Yemen. A statement released … Continued

4th Aug 2013

Germany joins western nations in Yemen embassy closure over terror warning

Several western nations including Germany have closed embassies in Yemen following a US terror alert that prompted a worldwide travel warning. US officials met to review the threat after closing 21 diplomatic posts. Germany joined France, Britain and the United … Continued

3rd Aug 2013

UK, German embassies in Yemen to stay shut after US terror alert

Britain and Germany are set to temporarily close their diplomatic missions in Yemen after the United States issued a worldwide terror alert. The US had earlier said dozens of its embassies would also close temporarily. A spokesperson from the British … Continued

1st Aug 2013

Pakistan: John Kerry opens talks on anti-terror cooperation

ISLAMABAD, (Xinhua): Visiting U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry on Thursday opened talks in Pakistan on cooperation to effectively fight terrorism. The talks also focused on the controversial drone strikes, enhancing economic cooperation and the role the two sides play … Continued

31st Jul 2013

Yemen: US drone strike kills three in Shabwa

A suspected US drone strike killed three people in Yemen at dawn on Tuesday in the second such attack in three days, a tribal source told AFP. “The car in which the three were travelling – two Yemenis and a … Continued

29th Jul 2013

Pakistan: FO condemns latest US drone attack in N Waziristan

An unmanned drone aircraft. ISLAMABAD, (Dawn): Pakistan’s Foreign Office on Monday issued a statement condemning the US drone strike conducted in Pakistan’s North Waziristan tribal region a day earlier. The statement issued by the Pakistani government strongly condemned the US … Continued

27th Jul 2013

Lebanon: European schizophrenia after Hizbullah blacklisting

  The EU Ambassador to Lebanon Angelina Eichhorst paid two of the party’s officials a visit to reassure them that the decision will not affect relations with the group’s “civilian wing.” (Photo: Haitham Moussawi)   By Firas Choufi Al-Akhbar: Before … Continued

26th Jul 2013

Pakistan: Multiple blasts in Parachinar kill 12, injure 20

By Mehdi Hussain PARACHINAR, (Express Tribune): At least 12 people were killed and more than 20 injured when two bombs exploded in the central market of Parachinar, in Kurram Agency, followed by one in earlier in the afternoon. The bombs were … Continued

25th Jul 2013

Lebanon: Punishing Hizbullah: Gulf states follow in EU’s footsteps

  [European sources report that the US, along with Saudi Arabia, had a major role to play in pressuring the EU to place Hizbullah’s military wing on their list of terrorist organizations. (Photo: Bilal Jawich)]   By Nasser Charara The … Continued

24th Jul 2013

Lebanese officials denounce EU move to blacklist Hizbullah

Lebanese officials on Monday and Tuesday slammed the European Union’s designation of Hezbollah as a terrorist organization, with top leaders calling on the 28-nation bloc to reverse its decision. The EU’s foreign ministers on Monday declared Hezbollah’s military unit as … Continued

23rd Jul 2013

EU blacklists Hizbullah under US, Israeli pressure

The European Union’s 28-member bloc agreed on Monday to blacklist Hezbollah’s military organization as a terrorist group following years of relentless US and Israeli pressure. The EU cited accusations that the powerful Lebanese Shia movement was behind a bus bombing … Continued

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