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Lebanon: Nasrallah: Israel on a path towards “suicide” in Gaza

Palestine: Two Palestinians killed as tens of thousands protest Israeli assault across West Bank

Palestine: Amid Gaza ceasefire calm, at least 40 dead bodies are found

Palestine: Entire 20 members of one family in Gaza killed prior to ceasefire, as death toll tops 940

Palestine: Seventeen killed in early morning hours of Friday

Palestine: Israeli forces invade Azzun in W Bank, use Palestinian civilians as human shields

Palestine: 931 Palestinians from Jerusalem & inside Israel taken captive in 3 Weeks

Saudi Arabia behind effort to disarm the Palestinian Resistance

Palestine: Civilian casualties continue to rise; 15 killed Thursday night

Palestine: Israeli attacks in Gaza kill 20 on Thurs afternoon

Palestine: Twelve Palestinians kidnapped by Israeli army in Hebron, Nablus

Palestine: 33 Palestinians killed in pre-dawn Israeli attacks in Gaza

Palestine: List of 714 Palestinians killed between July 8 and July 24

Palestine: Toddler ‘killed in ICU’ as Israel bombs Gaza City hospital

Palestine: Two Palestinians killed by Israeli fire in protest march near Ramallah, W Bank

Palestine: Dozens feared dead as Israel shells UN shelter in Beit Hanoun

Iraq: UN Secretary-General meets Ayatullah Al-Sistani for the first time in Najaf

Pakistan: Allama Talib Jauhri’s son-in-law shot dead in Karachi

Palestine: 73 Palestinians killed on Wed in Gaza, total death toll at 695

Palestine: 21 Palestinians killed in early dawn strikes in Gaza

Kyrgyzstan: Five parties win out in Kyrgyz parliamentary election

12th Oct 2010

BISHKEK, (Xinhua): Five parties have passed the 5- percent threshold at the Kyrgyz parliamentary election, according to the final data obtained through the Central Election Commission ‘s automated vote count system till late Monday.

The data shows 100 percent votes from all the 2,333 polling stations were counted, and the final turnout of the popular vote was 55.90 percent.

The Ata-Zhurt party tops at the election with 8.88 percent of the vote nationwide. It is followed by the Social Democratic Party formed by first deputy prime minister Almazbek Atambayev with 8.04 percent of votes.

Former prime minister Felix Kulov’s Ar-Namys party came third with 7.74 percent of votes and the Respublika Party 7.24 percent.

The pro-government Ata-Meken party is the fifth one reaching the entrance to the parliament, sharing 5.6 percent of votes.

In all 29 political parties competed for 120 seats in the Kyrgyz new government in which the prime minister will have more power than the president. Analysts have predicted only five to six parties have a real chance to be voted into the parliament.

According to the election rules, seats will be distributed proportionately to parties passing the 5-percent threshold nationwide and at least 0.5 percent in each of Kyrgyzstan’s administrative regions and two key cities.

An official of the election commission said earlier on Monday that all the five leading parties have passed the 0.5-percent barrier in every regions necessary to gain seats in the parliament.

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