29th Jun 2013

Thailand: Rape, abduction claims link officials to Rohingya trafficking

By Chutima Sidasathian and Alan Morison A Phuketwan Special Investigation: PHUKET: Claims of rape and abduction being made by a group of Rohingya women and children have exposed for the first time a link between the human trafficking trade north … Continued

28th Jun 2013

Saudi Arabia: Thousands protest at funeral of man killed by police

Thousands of Shias protested against Saudi Arabia’s ruling al-Saud family at the funeral of a wanted man shot dead by police, a killing that ended months of relative calm in the kingdom’s Eastern Province. At least 20 people have been … Continued

28th Jun 2013

UAE: Prisoners systematically tortured and mistreated in “UAE 94″ case

By Chris Benoist A group of political prisoners detained in the United Arab Emirates has been tortured and systematically mistreated while in custody, a report by three human rights organizations revealed Thursday. NGOs AlKarama, Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch … Continued

27th Jun 2013

Russia: Snowden remains stranded in Russian airport as Ecuador asylum may take months

MOSCOW, (Xinhua): Former U.S. intelligence contractor Edward Snowden remained stranded on Wednesday for the fourth straight night in Moscow’s Sheremetyevo international airport, while Ecuador said its decision on his asylum could take no less than two months. The U.S. fugitive … Continued

27th Jun 2013

Shi’a Muslims under attack across the globe

  By Murtaza Haider   Dawn: From Cairo to Peshawar, Shias are under attack by Sunni militants. The sectarian warfare targeting Shias has left thousands dead. The rest of the world watches silently as Muslims self-destruct in sectarian wars. Earlier … Continued

China: Riots in Xinjiang region leave dozens dead
26th Jun 2013

China: Riots in Xinjiang region leave dozens dead

More than two dozen people have died in clashes with police in China’s western Xinjiang region. The riots are the deadliest since the 2009 clashes between Muslims and Han Chinese population there. Clashes between armed gangs and police erupted Wednesday … Continued

26th Jun 2013

Russia: Putin says US whistleblower free to leave Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that US whistleblower Edward Snowden remains in the transit zone of a Moscow airport. Putin denied allegations that Russian intelligence agencies had worked with Snowden. Russian President Putin told reporters during a trip to … Continued

25th Jun 2013

Snowden elusive, Germany queries Britain’s Tempora tapping program

US intelligence leaker Edward Snowden remains elusive after missing his aircraft booking from Moscow to Cuba. Germany, meanwhile, wants answers from Britain on an alleged spy program called “Tempora.” Aeroflot flight SU150 left Moscow on Monday bound for Cuba without … Continued

24th Jun 2013

India: Four arrested in Karnataka student rape case

Udipi, (Agencies):ref=”http://adnet.affinity.com/adlink/5359/2823994/0/170/AdId=4397975;BnId=2;itime=57452868;key=News;kvafseq=1;kvreqseq=1;kvuniqimp=6a722bc9008746559497203eb46ac4ce0624;kvrit=1372057452513;nodecode=yes;link=http://us-ads.openx.net/w/1.0/rc?cs=51c0180f94422&cb=INSERT_RANDOM_NUMBER_HERE” ><img src=”http://us-ads.openx.net/w/1.0/ai?auid=440967&cs=51c0180f94422&cb=INSERT_RANDOM_NUMBER_HERE” border=”0″ alt=””></a>    Four people were taken into custody in connection with the rape of a fourth year MBBS student in Udipi on June 21, Karnataka Minister for Home KJ Geroge said on Sunday. Speaking to newsmen … Continued

24th Jun 2013

Snowden running, US asks Russia for help, scolds Hong Kong

The White House expects Russia to “look at all options available” to extradite Edward Snowden to the United States to face espionage charges. The former security contractor is reported to be seeking asylum in Ecuador. National Security Council spokeswoman Caitlin … Continued

23rd Jun 2013

Hong Kong: Snowden leaves Hong Kong

The former US intelligence official Edward Snowden has left Hong Kong, a media report says. It comes after US officials contacted Hong Kong to request his extradition. The South China Morning Post reported on Sunday that Snowden had left Hong … Continued

22nd Jun 2013

US charges, seeks extradition of alleged NSA-leaker Snowden

Officials have charged Edward Snowden and demanded his return to the United States. The former NSA employee allegedly leaked details about a top-secret surveillance program, sparking public uproar across the US. Prosecutors filed a sealed criminal complaint against Snowden and … Continued

21st Jun 2013

India: Death toll from building collapse near Mumbai rises to 7

MUMBAI, (Xinhua): Death toll from the building collapse near Mumbai has risen to seven while 14 injured people were rescued from the debris, said police on Friday. The three-storey building in Thane city which was built 35 years ago collapsed … Continued

20th Jun 2013

Bahraini teen activist faces up to 80 years in prison

Al-Akhbar: A Bahraini court sentenced an 18-year-old opposition member, Akbar Ali al-Kishi, to 10 years in prison Wednesday over charges of blowing up gas cylinders, family and activists said, adding that the young activist faces several more decades of imprisonment. … Continued

US: Tech companies clarify their roles in US PRISM data snooping
15th Jun 2013

US: Tech companies clarify their roles in US PRISM data snooping

Facebook and Microsoft have revealed thousands of data requests made by US authorities in 2012. The US has announced that it will provide more information on its controversial PRISM surveillance program to the EU In a statement, Facebook General Counsel … Continued

14th Jun 2013

India: UP: Lover’s family burns girl to death in front of panchayat

A woman was brutally assaulted and her daughter burnt alive in public view, and in the presence of the village panchayat, Uttar Pradesh Police said Friday. The incident occurred at Karahkol village of Deoria, 475 km from state capital Lucknow. … Continued

14th Jun 2013

Lebanon: Pregnant domestic worker hangs self

Al-Akhbar: An Ethiopian domestic worker committed suicide in the home of her employer in a town located in Mount Lebanon Wednesday, a security source said. Naifa Niska Dalalti, 23 years old, was found in one of the house’s bathrooms hung … Continued

Turkey: Demonstrators form a human chain to prevent friction with police
13th Jun 2013

Turkey: Demonstrators form a human chain to prevent friction with police

[The protests at Gezi Park have left a mark on all aspects of society, including the art world. With just a few months remaining until the 13th Istanbul Biennial, the primary focus of which will be the public domain as … Continued

13th Jun 2013

US whistleblower Snowden vows to fight possible extradition

Edward Snowden, the US man who revealed a secret scheme to monitor phone and internet data, has given his first interview since going to ground in Hong Kong two days ago. He vowed to resist any extradition attempt. In an … Continued

12th Jun 2013

Turkey: Police use tear gas and enter Taksim Square for second time in day

Istanbul, (Hürriyet Daily News): Riot police once again used tear gas and water cannon at around 8:20 p.m against protesters that had gathered in Istanbul’s Taksim Square June 11. Dozens of riot police were seen surrounding all the roads leading to … Continued

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