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15th Jan 2014

Palestine: Israeli settlers burn mosque near Salfit

IMEMC & Agencies: Wednesday at dawn, a number of fanatic Israeli settlers burned the entrance of Ali Bin Abi Taleb Mosque, in the Deir Estia village, near the central West Bank city of Salfit. Local sources said that the settlers infiltrated the … Continued

9th Jan 2014

France: French court upholds Muslim veil ban

France’s law banning Muslim head and face veils stood strong on Wednesday against another challenge. A young woman arrested for wearing a veil had sought its dismissal. A French court on Wednesday convicted a young woman for wearing a full-face Islamic veil in … Continued

24th Dec 2013

France urged to scrap hijab ban for school trips

The French government was urged on Monday to overturn a ban on Muslim mothers wearing the Islamic veil while helping teachers on school trips. The move comes amid criticism of France’s strict application of its secular principles. France’s Conseil d’Etat … Continued

India: Prophet Shish shrine damaged, youth murdered at mosque in Ayodhya
21st Dec 2013

India: Prophet Shish shrine damaged, youth murdered at mosque in Ayodhya

  By Abu Zafa   New Delhi/Ayodhya, (India Tomorrow): About six unidentified men on Friday evening broke an outer wall of an ancient Muslim shrine in Uttar Pradesh’s Ayodhya town and brutally murdered a 22-year-old undergraduate student at a mosque … Continued

30th Nov 2013

Sweden: Archbishop speaks out after anti-Islam attacks

  The Local: Sweden’s newly elected archbishop Antje Jackelén has admitted she wasn’t prepared for the online abuse she has received from anti-Islamists labelling the attacks as “spiteful.” Jackelén became the first female archbishop of the Church of Sweden in … Continued

28th Nov 2013

EU court reviews French burqa ban

At the European Court of Human Rights, France’s ‘burqa ban’ that prohibits full-face veils is under review. Critics of the ban see it as a violation of religious freedom. The court in Strasbourg began its review of the French burqa … Continued

20th Nov 2013

Palestine: Israeli settlers burn two cars near Nablus

IMEMC & Agencies: Tuesday at dawn a number of extremist Israeli settlers invaded Far’ata village, west of the northern West Bank city of Nablus, burnt two cars and wrote racist graffiti. [Car burnt by Settlers: Image International Solidarity Movement]   Local … Continued

20th Nov 2013

Palestine: Racist graffiti found on Islamic tombstones, nearby structures, in Jerusalem

IMEMC & Agencies: Israeli sources reported Sunday that a number of extremist Israeli youths invaded an Islamic graveyard in occupied Jerusalem, broke tombstones and wrote racist graffiti on tombstones and buildings adjacent to the graveyard. [Image: Maan News agency] The sources … Continued

25th Oct 2013

Pakistan: Muslim leaders condemn Rahul Gandhi’s statement on Muzaffarnagar riot victims

Lucknow, (Agencies): The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Friday said it would file a complaint before the Election Commission (EC) against Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi’s remark that the saffron party followed “politics of hate”. Maulana Saif Abbas Naqvi, a prominent … Continued

20th Oct 2013

China: Muslims in China fed pork

Muslims in the Shaanxi province of China are furious after discovering that what they believed were halal beef products were actually pork. Police in Xi’an, the capital of China’s Shaanxi province, have seized more than 20 thousand kilograms of pork … Continued

14th Oct 2013

Sweden: Angry parents spark halal school lunch spat

Parents in Svedala in southern Sweden have reported a school to the Schools Inspectorate (Skolinspektionen) for serving halal chicken arguing that the practice breaches the non-denominational praxis of the Swedish education system. The issue was discussed in the municipal council … Continued

21st Sep 2013

France: Jail for mother over son’s ‘I am a bomb’ 9/11 top

[Bouchra Bagour, (left) the mother of Jihad  leaves Avignon's courthouse on December 19, 2012 with her lawyer Gaelle Guenoum (right). Photo: Anne-Christine Poujoulat/AF]   A mother who sent her three-year-old son Jihad to school wearing a sweater with the words … Continued

12th Sep 2013

Germany: Burkini swimsuit is ‘compromise,’ says German court

  A teenage Muslim girl adverse to swimming lessons with boys has lost her appeal before Germany’s top administrative court. Judges have ruled that the wearing of a full-length “burkini” swimsuit satisfies Muslim norms.   A top German appeals court … Continued

21st Aug 2013

Sweden: Hijab activists demand minister take action

  “We tried to say that there is structural discrimination…but (Justice Minister Beatrice Ask) kept referring to individual responsibilities,” Foujan Rouzbeh, one of the organisers, said at a press conference after the meeting. “I also said that under this government, … Continued

14th Aug 2013

France: French teen ‘attacked for wearing Muslim veil’

The Local: France witnessed another apparent incident of violent Islamophobia on Tuesday, after it was reported that a 16-year-old girl in the suburbs of Paris was attacked and had her Islamic veil torn off her face.  The teen victim was … Continued

12th Aug 2013

France arrests soldier over attack on mosque

PARIS, (Xinhua): A French serviceman has been arrested on charges of having planned an attack against a mosque in Lyon in southern France, a local newspaper reported Sunday. Citing a statement of the interior ministry, the daily Le Parisien said … Continued

8th Aug 2013

France’s universities’ heads dismiss ban on wearing of religious symbols

  By Rance Leroy French Tribune:  It was in 2001 that France has come up with a law as per which full-face covering Islamic veil got banned in the public. The ban became a matter of controversy and again, a … Continued

7th Aug 2013

France: Call for hijab ban in French universities

France could be set to go a step further in its ban on the wearing of religious symbols in state schools. A new report has recommended banning the Islamic headscarf and other religious symbols in the country’s universities, a French … Continued

2nd Aug 2013

Germany: Kohl wanted to reduce Germany’s Turkish population by one half

Former Chancellor Helmut Kohl sought to deport half of Germany’s Turkish population in four years. The revelation comes from declassified British documents. In an October 1982 meeting in Bonn, Chancellor Kohl told British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher that Germany would … Continued

France forced to defend ban on niqab
23rd Jul 2013

France forced to defend ban on niqab

France’s so-called “Burqa-ban” has once again been making headlines across the globe in recent days after riots were sparked in a Paris suburb when a Muslim woman was stopped by police. On Monday the French government defended the controversial law. … Continued

Sectarianism in the Middle East and its rise in the UK, Standpoint, Sahar TV. Interview done on 29 May 2013 and transmitted on 12 June 2013

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