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Bahrain: Riot police teargas Bahrain high school

17th Apr 2013
Bahrain: Riot police teargas Bahrain high school

Riot police raided a high school and fired tear gas at students in Bahrain’s capital Manama Tuesday morning as the teenagers demonstrated for the release of a pupil arrested the previous day.

Amateur footage posted online show police firing tear gas at hundreds of students at the Jabriya boy’s school.

The students were demanding the release of 17-year-old Hassan Humidan who was arrested on Monday.

The school is located close to the US Embassy in a residential southern district of Manama full of parks and nurseries.

Mohamed Jaber, a father of one of the students, says he came to pick up his son but police told him and other parents to leave.

Activists said that police have arrested about 100 people over the past two weeks in preparation of the Formula One race scheduled for April 21.

Thousands of Bahrainis have taken to the streets across the kingdom in recent days to protest the race amid an ongoing crackdown on anti-government demonstrators.

Bahrain has been wracked by more than two years of unrest with almost daily demonstrations against the US-backed monarchy.

A popular uprising nearly threatened to topple Bahrain’s autocracy in early 2011 before a Saudi-led gulf force entered the country in March to crush protests.

At least 80 people have been killed in the unrest since February 2011.

(Al-Akhbar, AP)


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