Iraq: 10 killed, 42 wounded in attacks across Iraq

31st Jul 2013

BAGHDAD, (Xinhua): Ten people were killed and 42 others wounded in separate bombings and shootings across Iraq on Tuesday evening, said the police.

Five people were killed and 16 wounded in a bomb explosion at a popular shop in the western part of Diyala’s provincial capital city of Baquba, some 65 km northeast of the Iraqi capital of Baghdad, a provincial police source told Xinhua on condition of anonymity.

In a separate incident, a bomb went off during the sunset prayer at Siyd Mahdi Shiite mosque in the city of Tuz-Khurmato, some 170 km north of Baghdad, killing three worshippers and wounding 12 more, a local police source anonymously told Xinhua.

Elsewhere, a policeman was gunned down by armed men in front of his house in the eastern part of the city of Mosul, some 400 km north of Baghdad, said another local police source.

A civilian was killed and three others, including two soldiers, were wounded when a roadside bomb struck an army patrol in the northwestern part of Mosul, while four soldiers were wounded in another roadside bomb explosion near their patrol in northern the city, the source said.

Separately, a shop owner was killed by gunmen using assault rifles in northern the city of Fallujah, some 50 km west of Baghdad, a local police source said.

Also in Fallujah, a gunman using silenced weapon shot dead another shop owner in central the city, the source added.

In Baghdad, a civilian was killed and another wounded in a roadside bomb explosion at a marketplace in al-Furat district in western the capital, a police source said, adding that six others were wounded in two roadside bomb explosions in western and northwestern Baghdad.

Earlier in the day, the police said six people had been killed and nine wounded in separate attacks in central and northern Iraq.

Iraq is witnessing its worst eruption of violence in five years, raising fears that the latest bloodshed is bringing the country back to a full-blown civil conflict that peaked in 2006 and 2007, when monthly death toll sometimes exceeded 3,000.

Editor: Mu Xuequan

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