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Iraq: 34 killed across Iraq’s violence as battles persist in Anbar
13th Jan 2014

Iraq: 34 killed across Iraq’s violence as battles persist in Anbar

BAGHDAD, (Xinhua): Violence across Iraq killed 34 people and wounded some 94 on Sunday, while fierce clashes continued against al-Qaida militants in the country’s western province of Anbar, police and officials said. Armored vehicles and tanks backed by helicopters continued … Continued

13th Jan 2014

Iran and P5+1 say nuclear deal to take effect this month

    Iranian state media has reported that Tehran and the P5+1 – the permanent members of the UN Security Council plus Germany – have agreed on deal to scale back its nuclear program. The deal is to go into … Continued

12th Jan 2014

Turkey: Conflict between Gülen Movement and Turkey’s ruling AKP reflected in business world

  By Mustafa SÖNMEZ Hurriyet Daily News:   It is like this in every country. The semi-official civil organizations of the business world are known to be the most important pressure groups steering economic, social and political developments of each country. … Continued

12th Jan 2014

Iraq: Seven killed in two car bombings in Baghdad

BAGHDAD, (Xinhua): At least seven people were killed and 26 others wounded in two car bomb explosions in the Iraqi capital of Baghdad on Sunday, a police source said. A car bomb went off at a busy intersection of Adan … Continued

12th Jan 2014

Iraq: 60 killed in ongoing clashes in Anbar province

BAGHDAD, (Xinhua): At least 60 people were killed and some 297 others wounded in clashes between the security forces and militant groups over the past two weeks, as the battles continued on Saturday, a local official and a police source … Continued

12th Jan 2014

Israel: Ariel Sharon, the “Butcher of Beirut,” is dead

    By Marc Abizeid Al-Akhbar: Former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, whose legacy includes the killing of tens of thousands of Arabs over his six-decade military and political career, is dead. He took his final breath on Saturday afternoon … Continued

11th Jan 2014

Syria: Hundreds killed in rebel-on-rebel clashes

Scores of people have died in fighting between Syrian rebel groups and al Qaeda-linked militants. The intra-rebel conflict has reportedly overshadowed the war against the Syrian regime in some parts of the country. Syria’s anti-regime opposition has increasingly splintered into … Continued

11th Jan 2014

Al-Qa’ida leaks: Baghdadi and Golani fight over Levant Emirate

  By Radwan Mortada   Twitter user @wikibaghdadi is exposing what he calls “the secrets of Baghdadi’s state,” revealing the hidden affairs of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s rule. The person behind the account shadows Baghdadi, the emir of ISIS, and recounts … Continued

10th Jan 2014

Lebanon’s Saudis in a league of their own

Saudis are seen to enjoy a position of seniority among groups due to their wealth and the ideological wellspring of al-Qa’ida and its ilk. (Photo: Haytham El-Mousawe). By Radwan Mortada   Dozens of Saudi members of al-Qaeda are incarcerated in Lebanon, while dozens … Continued

9th Jan 2014

Iraq: More than 13,000 Iraqi families flee Fallujah after gunmen takeover

More than 13,000 families have fled Fallujah in the past few days amid clashes and shelling after the city fell to al-Qaeda-linked militants, the Iraqi Red Crescent said on Wednesday. Masked gunmen remained in control of Iraq’s Fallujah Wednesday even … Continued

9th Jan 2014

Syria: ‘Friends of Syria’ meet in Paris, as ISIS chief calls for ‘crushing’ of rebel rivals

Ministers from the “Friends of Syria” grouping are to meet in Paris Sunday with leaders of the mainstream opposition to President Bashar al-Assad ahead of peace talks due later this month. Meanwhile, an al-Qaeda affiliate based in Iraq and Syria … Continued

8th Jan 2014

Turkey: Fight over graft probe deepens as 16 police chiefs dismissed overnight

Ankara, (Hurriyet Daily News):  Ankara Police Chief Kadir Ay was relocated only a day after 350 officer under his command were dismissed. The massive purge of Turkey’s police department has reached the highest echelons as police chiefs of 15 provinces … Continued

8th Jan 2014

Saudi Arabia: Flood-hit Jubail residents seek help from big firms

[Jubail residents want big industrial companies to help fix the city’s damaged infrastructure after flooding (AN photo)]   By Sultan Al-Sughair Jubail, (Arab News): Jubail residents have called on major companies in the region to help clean up and rebuild … Continued

8th Jan 2014

Iraq: Ten policemen killed in attacks across Iraq

BAGHDAD, (Xinhua): At least 10 policemen were killed and five others wounded in three violent attacks in Iraq on Tuesday, police said. Unidentified gunmen attacked a police patrol near Samarra, some 120 km north of Baghdad, killing seven policemen, a … Continued

8th Jan 2014

Syria: First chemical-arms material shipped out of Syria

A first batch of chemicals from Syria’s weapons program has been shipped out of the war-torn country. Syria’s government agreed to surrender its chemical weapons in a deal last year to avoid a US bombing campaign.  The United Nations and … Continued

8th Jan 2014

US: Former US defense chief criticizes Obama leadership in Afghan war

    In his new memoir, former US Defense Secretary Robert Gates has delivered a scathing critique of President Obama’s leadership during the Afghanistan war. According to Gates, Obama “doesn’t believe in his own strategy.” A figure who enjoys bipartisan … Continued

8th Jan 2014

Iraq delays major assault against ISIS in Anbar

The Iraqi army deployed tanks and artillery around Fallujah on Tuesday, security officials said, as local leaders in the besieged city urged al-Qaeda-linked militants to leave in order to avert an impending military assault. Meanwhile fighting and missile strikes in … Continued

8th Jan 2014

South Korea blocks $28 million tear gas order for Bahrain

(Al-Akhbar): South Korea has blocked a shipment of at least 3 million canisters of tear gas worth $28 million to Bahrain due to “complaints from human rights groups” that the weapon was being used to suppress peaceful protests, a report … Continued

7th Jan 2014

Iran not yet on the list for UN Syria peace talks

Iran is for the moment not on the list to join in Syria peace talks scheduled for later this month. The United Nations began sending out invitations on Monday, as fighting spread between rival rebel groups in Syria. Iran has … Continued

6th Jan 2014

Turkey: Rule of law at risk in Turkey

By Abdullah Bozkurt Today’s Zaman:  Perhaps not many people noticed European Union Commissioner for Enlargement Stefan Füle’s interesting choice of words a week ago when he said, “I urge Turkey, as a candidate country committed to the political criteria of … Continued

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