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Palestine: Death toll in Gaza hits 1,088 as Israel resumes bombardment

Palestine: 32 Palestinians killed in Israeli airstrikes Tues morning; government buildings targeted

Palestine: Nineteen civilians killed as Israel continues to strike homes in Gaza

Israel: Israelis Chant: “There’s no school tomorrow, there’s no children left in Gaza! Oleh!”

Palestine: Hebron in W Bank clashes continue, 3 injured by live fire

Palestine: Palestinian killed by Israeli shell in Khan Younis

Palestine: Israel assault on Gaza, kills 15 more people, rising death toll to 1046

Palestine: Gaza casualty toll on the rise, Israeli strikes continue on day 20

Palestine: Eight Palestinians killed, dozens wounded Sunday

Eid moon sighting possiblities, Muslims in South Africa have declared Eid

Pakistan: More rain with thunder, lightening forecast in next 24 hours in Rawalpindi

Libya: US embassy evacuated after heavy violence

Palestine: List of Palestinians killed by Israeli forces between July 8 to July 27

Palestine: Two Palestinians beaten by Jewish mob in Jerusalem

Palestine: Reports show murder of 3 Israeli teenage settlers was not carried out by Hamas

Palestine: Remains of 85 Palestinians located under rubble of bombarded homes

Palestine: Ten Palestinians killed by Israeli forces in West Bank

Palestine: At least 15 kidnapped by Israeli forces from West Bank

Palestine: Palestinians pull over 140 bodies from under Gaza rubble, total killed 1000

Lebanon: Nasrallah: Israel on a path towards “suicide” in Gaza

16th Sep 2013

Syria: Assad minister hails Syria arms deal as ‘victory’

  A minister for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has hailed a Russia-brokered chemical weapons disarmament plan as a “victory.” The US, however, has reiterated that a military intervention remains on the table.   Syria’s Minister of National Reconciliation Ali Haidar … Continued

Iraq politician escapes attack, as a dozen car bombs kill 26 people
16th Sep 2013

Iraq politician escapes attack, as a dozen car bombs kill 26 people

A wave of attacks across Iraq, including a dozen car bombs, killed at least 26 people on Sunday while the head of Baghdad’s provincial council escaped assassination in the capital. The violence was the latest in months of unrelenting bloodshed, … Continued

16th Sep 2013

Syria: Opposition calls for dismantling air force, asks for more weapons

Syria’s opposition demanded on Sunday that the international community impose a ban on the Damascus government’s use of its air power in addition to its chemical weapons, while demanding more military aid from its foreign backers. “The Syrian National Coalition … Continued

15th Sep 2013

Afghanistan: 27 killed, 20 injured in N. Afghan coal mine collapse

AYBAK, (Xinhua): Up to 27 people were killed and 20 others injured in Saturday’s coal mine collapse in northern Afghanistan’s Samangan province, local sources reported Sunday morning. “The rescue operation is concluded. As many as 27 bodies of local workers … Continued

Iraq: Attacks across Iraq kill 33, wound 45, mainly Shi’as
15th Sep 2013

Iraq: Attacks across Iraq kill 33, wound 45, mainly Shi’as

MOSUL, (Xinhua): A total of 33 people were killed and 45 others wounded in attacks on Saturday in Iraq, the police said. In the northern province of Nineveh, up to 27 people were killed and 36 wounded in a suicide bomb … Continued

15th Sep 2013

Yemen: Two soldiers killed by gunmen in Hadramawt

Two attacks by gunmen in the southeastern province of Hadramawt killed two Yemeni soldiers and wounded eight others, security sources said on Saturday. Gunmen ambushed a military vehicle near the al-Qatn area on Friday, killing two soldiers and wounding one … Continued

Iraq: 30-dead in bomb attack in Baquba mosque, 25 wounded
14th Sep 2013

Iraq: 30-dead in bomb attack in Baquba mosque, 25 wounded

  By prabirghose Baghdad : Two powerful bombs detonated in the al-Salam mosque in Baquba, Iraq, and left 30 dead with another 25 wounded. The incident occurred after the Friday morning prayers in the village of Umm al-Adham. It was … Continued

14th Sep 2013

US and Russia meet over Syrian chemical weapons disposal plan

US Secretary of State John Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov met the United Nations special envoy on Syria in Geneva on Friday as they worked on a deal that could avert US military action. Lakhdar Brahimi, who acts … Continued

13th Sep 2013

Turkey: Syrian rebel groups sought to buy materials for chemical weapons, prosecutors say

ADANA, (Doğan News Agency):   A public prosecutor completed his indictment as part of the probe into the chemicals seized in the southern province of Hatay on Sept. 12, claiming that jihadist Syrian rebel groups were seeking to buy materials that could … Continued

13th Sep 2013

Switzerland: Kerry meets Brahimi on Syria ahead of talks with Lavrov

GENEVA, (Xinhua): U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry started to meet with the United Nations-Arab League Joint Special Representative for Syria Lakhdar Brahimi late Thursday afternoon before meeting with his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov. Kerry arrived before noon Thursday and … Continued

13th Sep 2013

Afghanistan: Car bombs, firing hit US consulate, killing 5 and wounding 23

HERAT, (Xinhua): At least five people were killed and 23 others injured early Friday morning as two car bombs and ensuing firing hit the U.S. consulate in Herat city, the provincial capital of western Afghan province of Herat, a local … Continued

13th Sep 2013

Syria: US, Russian talks on Syria open in Geneva

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and US Secretary of State John Kerry have begun crunch talks in Geneva on Syria. The UN says it has received a Syrian document on joining the global anti-chemical weapons treaty. Decisive top-level talks on … Continued

13th Sep 2013

IAEA envoy says Iran willing to cooperate on nuclear issue

Iran’s new envoy to the UN nuclear agency said on Thursday he would cooperate with it to find a way to “overcome existing issues once and for all.” But Ambassador Reza Najafi, at his first board meeting of the International … Continued

13th Sep 2013

Syria: Assad: US must stop arming rebels for Russian plan to work

President Bashar al-Assad said Thursday Washington must stop arming rebels and stop threatening military force if it wanted a plan for Syria to hand over chemical weapons to work. “When we see that the United States truly desires stability in … Continued

13th Sep 2013

Turkey: Protesters gather to denounce demonstrator’s death for the third day in Istanbul

Istanbul, (Hurriyet Daily): Police once again resorted to tear gas and water cannons against protesters denouncing the death of a demonstrator in Antakya for a third day on Sept. 12. Fresh demonstrations were staged in Istanbul’s Asian shores of Kadıköy, … Continued

12th Sep 2013

US begins delivering weapons to Syrian rebels

WASHINGTON, (Xinhua): The United States has begun delivering weapons to Syrian rebels over the past two weeks, which marks “a major escalation of the U.S. role” in the Syria conflict, a report said. The move by the U.S. spy agency … Continued

12th Sep 2013

Russia touts role in defusing Syria crisis

John Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov were expected to meet in Geneva on Thursday to discuss a plan put forward by Moscow to place Syria’s chemical weapons under international control. Syria accepted Russia’s plan earlier this week, prompting … Continued

12th Sep 2013

Iraq: Attacks kill several across Iraq

Attacks in Iraq killed six people Wednesday, including a school principal who was among several victims in a spate of shootings in the north, officials said. The latest bloodshed comes as authorities carry out wide-ranging operations targeting militants and implement … Continued

12th Sep 2013

Syria: US postpones Syria strike, France reaffirms vow to “punish” Assad

France will remain ready to punish Syria for its alleged use of chemical weapons despite ongoing attempts to find a diplomatic solution to the crisis, French President Francois Hollande said Wednesday. US President Barack Obama postponed his threat to carry … Continued

11th Sep 2013

Iran’s President Rouhani says ‘win-win’ possible in nuclear talks with the west

  Iran’s new president has said a “win-win” deal with world powers over its nuclear program is possible, but time for an agreement is “limited.” His remarks come ahead of his address at the UN General Assembly this month. Iranian … Continued

Sectarianism in the Middle East and its rise in the UK, Standpoint, Sahar TV. Interview 29 May 2013 and aired on 12 June 2013

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