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6th Jul 2013

Yemen: Bomb targets police patrol in Sana’a, kills 3

SANAA, (Xinhua): An explosive device planted in a police patrol car near the Yemeni interior ministry’s headquarters on Saturday killed three soldiers, the country’s defense ministry said. The ministry said on its website that several others were wounded as the … Continued

6th Jul 2013

Iraq: Suicide bomber targets Shi’a Muslim mosque in Baghdad

A suicide bomber has killed 15 people leaving a mosque in Baghdad, with other blasts around Iraq claiming more lives. It is the latest violence likely linked to a standoff between Shiite and Sunni Muslims in Iraq. The worst of … Continued

6th Jul 2013

Iraq: Eight killed in attacks across Iraq

Attacks killed eight people in town squares in Iraq on Friday, including seven who died when a suicide bomber dressed in army uniform set off his car rigged with explosives just before midday prayers. The latest violence, which also left … Continued

5th Jul 2013

Afghanistan: Three killed in Afghan suicide bombing

KANDAHAR, (Xinhua): A suicide bomber blew himself up in Spin Boldak district in southern Afghan province of Kandahar on Friday, killing himself along with two others and injuring 12 more, a local official said. “A terrorist wearing explosive device blew … Continued

5th Jul 2013

UAE rearrests two civil society activists a day after acquittal

The United Arab Emirates’ secret services arrested and detained two activists Wednesday, a day after they were acquitted by an Emirati court, an NGO told Al-Akhbar. Ahmad al-Hammadi and Mohammed al-Shaami were part of the “UAE 94,” a diverse group … Continued

Iraq: Death toll mounts after series of attacks
3rd Jul 2013

Iraq: Death toll mounts after series of attacks

A series of attacks in Iraq has left dozens dead, the highest toll being inflicted upon the capital city, Baghdad. The fatalities come amid the worst levels of violence seen since 2008. At least 45 people were killed and over … Continued

3rd Jul 2013

Lebanon: Israeli troops kidnap two shepherds in South Lebanon

(Al-Akhbar): Israeli soldiers on Tuesday kidnapped two shepherds from a southern Lebanese village near the occupied Shebaa Farms, a UN official said. “We were informed that two shepherds were apprehended by [Israel's army] in the Shebaa area. The [UNIFIL] force … Continued

2nd Jul 2013

Afghanistan: 11 killed as Taliban attack NATO supply base in Kabul

KABUL, (Xinhua): At least 11 people were killed early Tuesday morning when Taliban launched an attack on a NATO supply base in the eastern part of the Afghan capital, the seventh massive attack in Kabul within two months, said police. … Continued

2nd Jul 2013

Iraq: Suicide attacks on coffee shop and soldier’s funeral add to updated UN Iraq toll

A suicide bomber who targeted a funeral ceremony for a soldier in Iraq has killed more than 20 people. At least two more attacks on Monday coincided with new UN casualty figures for June. The UN said on Monday that more … Continued

2nd Jul 2013

Bahrain acquits police who tortured medics

A Bahraini court acquitted on Monday two police officers on trial for torturing six doctors during the 2011 uprising against the monarchy, a judicial source said. The two officers had been accused in March 2011 of having “used force, torture, … Continued

2nd Jul 2013

Jordan: Jordanian air force pilot defects to Syria’s al-Nusra Front

A Jordanian air force captain has allegedly deserted and joined Syria’s jihadist al-Nusra Front to fight against the Syrian government forces, a member of his family and a Salafi leader said on Monday. “Ahmad Atallah Shbeib al-Majali, born in 1984, … Continued

29th Jun 2013

Iraq: 14 killed, 32 wounded in bomb attacks

BAGHDAD, (Xinhua): At least 14 people were killed and 32 others wounded Friday in bomb attacks against a funeral and a checkpoint run by government-backed Sunni militiamen in Iraq, the police said. A suicide bomber driving an explosive-laden car tried … Continued

29th Jun 2013

Lebanon: Salafis confront Lebanon’s army in Sidon

Fresh clashes broke out in Lebanon’s southern city of Sidon Friday afternoon when armed supporters of fugitive Salafi Sheikh Ahmad al-Assir provoked a confrontation with Lebanese soldiers. Dozens of armed Islamists, following prayers at a local mosque, marched towards the … Continued

28th Jun 2013

Syria: Attack kills four in Damascus’ Old City

An explosion in a Christian area in the heart of the Syrian capital on Thursday killed at least four people, state television said. “A terrorist suicide bombing… in Damascus has left four people dead and several others wounded,” the broadcaster … Continued

28th Jun 2013

Saudi Arabia: Thousands protest at funeral of man killed by police

Thousands of Shias protested against Saudi Arabia’s ruling al-Saud family at the funeral of a wanted man shot dead by police, a killing that ended months of relative calm in the kingdom’s Eastern Province. At least 20 people have been … Continued

28th Jun 2013

UAE: Prisoners systematically tortured and mistreated in “UAE 94″ case

By Chris Benoist A group of political prisoners detained in the United Arab Emirates has been tortured and systematically mistreated while in custody, a report by three human rights organizations revealed Thursday. NGOs AlKarama, Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch … Continued

27th Jun 2013

Lebanon: 20 Syrians injured in Beirut over game show feud

A group of men attacked a minibus carrying 25 Syrians in eastern Beirut Wednesday and stabbed the passengers with knives, local media reported. Twenty of the passengers were injured as a result of the attack, AFP said. The young assailants … Continued

26th Jun 2013

Iraq: 16 killed, 33 wounded in fresh bomb attacks across Iraq

BAGHDAD, (Xinhua): At least 16 people were killed and 33 others wounded in the latest bomb attacks on Tuesday in Iraq, the police said. A roadside bomb exploded near a football playground in Baquba, capital of Diyala province in eastern … Continued

26th Jun 2013

Lebanese forces hunt Assir over army killings

Lebanese security forces launched a major manhunt on Tuesday for radical Salafi cleric Ahmad al-Assir, after clashes with his supporters in southern Sidon that left 17 soldiers dead. Speculation was rife as to the whereabouts of Assir, the radical cleric … Continued

25th Jun 2013

Saudi Arabia will increase business as it changes weekends

By Sukaina Ladak   The Muslim News: Saudi Arabia has transitioned its working week from Sunday to Thursday, meanings its official weekend is now Fridays and Saturdays, despite the failure of a similar proposal in 2007.   A royal decree … Continued

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