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Iraq: US seeks verification of ‘Islamic State’ beheading of journalist James Foley

Japan: Torrential rains unleash deadly landslide killing a dozen people in Hiroshima

Palestine: Three Palestinians killed, incl 3 year-old child, in Israeli airstrikes on Gaza City

Palestine: Dozens Palestinians abducted by Israeli forces in West Bank, Jerusalem

Palestine: Israeli army demolishes cave housing family near Bethlehem

Palestine: Several Palestinians kidnapped by Israeli forces in West Bank, Israeli settlers attack cars

Palestine: Israel bombs Gaza, withdraws negotiators from Cairo

Pakistan: 18 suspected militants killed in fresh NWA, Khyber airstrikes

US: Ferguson curfew lifted, Obama appeals for restraint

Iraq: Obama says Mosul Dam retaken from extremists with US help

Palestine: Palestinian female detainee denied family visits since her arrest in 2012

Palestine: Nine Palestinians kidnapped by Israeli soldiers from West Bank, Jerusalem

Palestine: Israeli army detonates two homes in Hebron, seals one with concrete blocs

Palestine: Six Palestinians kidnapped by Israeli forces in West Bank

Syria: Airstrikes kill 31 terrorists in Raqqa city

Palestine: Body recovered in Shujaiyya a month after ‘massacre’ by Israel

Palestine: Hamas says Israel stalling on agreement as Gaza death toll hits 2016

US: Curfew imposed for second night in Ferguson, Missouri

Palestine: Palestinian arrested filming Israeli settlers throwing stones in W Bank

Israel: 5 of 64 Israeli soldiers killed in Gaza invasion were killed by ‘Friendly Fire’

27th Apr 2013

Lebanon: Hizbullah denies responsibility for drone shot down by Israel

Lebanese political party Hezbollah denied on Thursday that it had sent a drone over the Mediterranean sea, hours after the Israeli air force said it shot down an unmanned aircraft near Haifa. “Hezbollah denies sending any unmanned drone towards occupied … Continued

27th Apr 2013

Iraq: Explosions target mosques near Baghdad, killing four

Bombs exploded at four mosques in the Baghdad area after prayers Friday, killing four people and raising the death toll from a four-day wave of violence in Iraq to 195, officials said. Iraqi security forces also began moving back into … Continued

26th Apr 2013

Iran: Rival camps of Iran’s 2013 Presidential elections

  By Elie Chalhoub   Al-Akhbar: Uncertainty continues to dominate the impending Iranian presidential elections, set to be held in June 2013. The Guardian Council has yet to vet any candidates and the election criteria is still up in the … Continued

26th Apr 2013

Bahrain cancels visit of UN torture envoy

The UN’s envoy on torture voiced his “deep disappointment” Wednesday after Bahrain, rocked by renewed clashes between security forces and pro-democracy activists, postponed his planned visit. “This is the second time that my visit has been postponed, at very short … Continued

25th Apr 2013

Iraq: Militants seize Sulaiman Bek as security forces withdraw

BAGHDAD, (Xinhua): Militants took control of a town in northern Iraq Wednesday evening after day-long clashes with security forces, a police source said. Iraqi security forces have completely withdrawn from Sulaiman Bek, some 170 km north of Baghdad, a local … Continued

24th Apr 2013

Iraqi forces attack protest, 26 killed

At least 26 people were killed on Tuesday when Iraqi forces and protesters clashed after troops raided their anti-government demonstration camp near Kirkuk, military sources said. The exchange of gunfire left six troops and 20 protesters dead during a confused … Continued

24th Apr 2013

Lebanese shaykhs urge Salafis to join Syrian rebels

Two Lebanese Salafi Sheikhs issued a fatwa Monday night calling on their supporters to join Islamist rebels fighting to overthrow Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s government.   Ahmad al-Assir, leader of a radical Sunni movement, and Salem al-Rafei, who heads one … Continued

23rd Apr 2013

Syria: Aleppo Orthodox Bishops kidnapped

Two bishops have been kidnapped by rebels in a village in Aleppo Province, according to Syrian state news. The Christian clergy members were reportedly carrying out humanitarian work when they were abducted at gunpoint. Syrian state news agency SANA reported … Continued

23rd Apr 2013

Lebanon: Saudi control of Lebanon: A little tourism and sympathy

By Ghassan Saoud   Wanted: A Guardian of Lebanon. Before Saudi Arabia sought to control Lebanese affairs, Syria watched over the country in the name of common borders and Arabism. Before that, the French had their words of “compassion.” The … Continued

Iraq: 9 killed, 20 wounded in roadside bomb attack in central Iraq
22nd Apr 2013

Iraq: 9 killed, 20 wounded in roadside bomb attack in central Iraq

BAGHDAD,  (Xinhua): A total of nine people were killed and 20 others injured when a roadside bomb struck a popular restaurant in central Iraq on Sunday, the police said.   The bombing attack in downtown Fallujah, 50 km west of … Continued

22nd Apr 2013

Turkey: US asked Erdoğan to delay Gaza trip

Istanbul, (Hürriyet Daily News):   The U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said today he told Turkey’s prime minister during a meeting in Istanbul to delay his planned visit to Gaza to because of the “critical timing,” but added that it … Continued

22nd Apr 2013

Yemen: US drone strike kills two people

Two men suspected of being al-Qaeda members were killed on Sunday in a US drone strike on a site allegedly used for training members of the Islamist network in central Yemen, a security official and witnesses said. The raid targeted … Continued

22nd Apr 2013

Bahrain: On Grand Prix day, clashes continued

Bahraini pro-democracy activists reported sporadic clashes between police and protesters on Sunday, hours before a Formula One race promoted by the government as a non-political festival of sport but seen by the opposition as a public relations stunt. Some protesters … Continued

21st Apr 2013

US to double nonlethal aid to Syrian opposition

The US has announced it will double its assistance to the Syrian opposition and expand its nonlethal aid. Secretary of State John Kerry said the assistance would be channeled through the rebels’ supreme military command.   US Secretary of State … Continued

21st Apr 2013

Iraq votes in provincial elections

Iraqis voted on Saturday in the country’s first polls since 2010, a key test of its stability in the face of a spike in attacks that has claimed more than 100 lives over the past week.   But the credibility … Continued

21st Apr 2013

Bahrain intensifies crackdown ahead of F1 race

(Al-Akhbar): Tens of thousands have taken to the streets across Bahrain to protest Sunday’s Formula One Grand Prix amid one of the worst government crackdowns on dissidents to hit the tiny island since the start of an uprising more than … Continued

20th Apr 2013

Jordan’s Islamic Front rejects US troop deployment

Jordan’s Islamist opposition on Friday denounced the presence of US troops in the kingdom due to deteriorating security in neighboring Syria, urging a rethink of the deployment.   “The government must review its decision to authorize the deployment of foreign … Continued

19th Apr 2013

Afghanistan: 13 Afghan policemen killed in Taliban attack

GHAZNI, (Xinhua): Thirteen Afghan Local Police (ALP) personnel were killed early Friday morning when Taliban launched attack on a checkpoint in Andar district in the country’s eastern province of Ghazni, an official said.

Iraq: 27 killed, 51 wounded in Baghdad cafe bombing
19th Apr 2013

Iraq: 27 killed, 51 wounded in Baghdad cafe bombing

BAGHDAD, (Xinhua): At least 27 people were killed and 51 others wounded on Thursday evening when a bomb struck a cafe in the capital of Baghdad, police said. The bombing attack took place at about 9:30 p.m. local time ( … Continued

19th Apr 2013

Syria: Assad: conflict to spill over into Jordan

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad Wednesday predicted that the conflict in his country would spill over to Jordan in an interview Wednesday with state television Al-Ikhbariya news channel. “We would wish that our Jordanian neighbors realize that… the fire will not … Continued

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