Uganda: Mufti of Uganda urges Saudi Arabia to become peace maker

6th Sep 2013

By Ahmed Wetaka


Saudi Arabia should be at the forefront of reconciling warring parties in Middle East countries, instead of taking sides, Sheikh Shaban Ramadhan Mubaje, the Mufti of Uganda has said.

While delivering the Friday sermon at the National Mosque in Kampala, he said as the custodians of the Holy site of Islam, Saudi Arabia ought to play the role of peace marker.

“We are at pains to explain to the World today that Islam is a religion of peace with what is going on in the Arab World,” he said.

“It is very unfortunate to hear countries that should be encouraging dialogue declaring their support for those planning to attack”, he added.

He wondered whether countries that are pushing for war have thought about hundreds of innocent people who may get killed in such attacks.

“Islam prohibits pouring blood of the innocent, what is happening in countries like Syria, Egypt and Iraq violets the teachings of Islam, you must not be misled to support it,” he said.

The mufti appealed to Muslim leaders in countries such as Syria, Iraq and Egypt to speak out against the evil that has led to chaos in their countries.  “It is strange to hear some religious leaders in these countries supporting the attacks, where do they get such authority? Our Prophet was not only a mercy to Muslims, but the entire mankind and all creations of Allah. It is high time that the sheikhs, Muftis and elders speak out. This is not Islam,” he said.

He wondered what the Saudi regime think of millions of Muslims who worship facing the Ka’bah and who visit it, think about their role in the attacks on Muslim countries.

Sheikh Mubaje’s comments come amidst increasing pressure by America to launch attacks on the Bashar Asad led regime in Syria.

America and its allies accuse President Bashar Asad of using chemicals weapons against civilians, a charge the regime has vehemently denied.

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