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Palestine: 37 Palestinians kidnapped in the West Bank

22nd Jun 2014
Palestine: 37 Palestinians kidnapped in the West Bank

[Nablus home after Israeli army invaded it – Palestinian Prisoner Society]

Saed Bannoura

IMEMC News: Saturday, Palestinian Prisoners Society (PPS) has reported that the Israeli army continued its military offensive in different parts of the occupied West Bank, and kidnapped 37 Palestinians.
The PPS said that most of the arrests took place in Bethlehem, Hebron and Jenin, while three Palestinians from Nablus were kidnapped in Jericho.

In Bethlehem, soldiers kidnapped 20 Palestinians identified as:
1. As’ad Doudin al-Badan.
2. Soud Mheisin al-Badan.
3. Bassem Samih al-Badan.
4. Sami Aziz al-Badan.
5. Sharif Saud al-Badan.
6. Kamel Abdullah al-Badan.
7. Khaled Mohammad al-Badan.
8. Mohammad Khalil Sabah.
9. Samih Ahmad Sabah.
10. Mohammad Issa al-Kawarna.
11. Jamil Ata Jebril. 12. Amir Salim Khalil.
13. Akram Mousa Jebril.
14. Ayman Tabel Jebril.
15. Sabri Mousa Jebril.
16. Samir Mohammad al-‘Amour.
17. Ibrahim Mousa Salahat.
18. Wael Salim Salahat.
19. Mustafa al-‘Arouj.
20. Yassin al-‘Arouj.

Hebron, army kidnapped eleven:
1. Hotheifa Mahmoud al-‘Awawda.
2. Hasan Ahmad ad-Daraweesh.
3. Tareq Aziz Eghreib.
4. Mohammad Nasser al-Masharqa.
5. Adnan Mohammad az-Zaru.
6. Sami Suleiman al-‘Atawna.
7. Yacoub Suheil al-Jo’ba.
8. Ismael Talab an-Nattah.
9. Mohammad Ali al-Hreiny.
10. Mohammad Hasan al-Hreiny.
11. Mohammad Ismael Abu ‘Arqoub.

Jenin: three Palestinians
1. As’ad Mohammad Esteity.
2. Ashraf Mohammad Al-Qaisy.
3. Yazan ‘Adnan al-Hindi.

Nablus: three Palestinians
1. Ahmad Zein-Eddeen.
2. Fares Zein-Eddeen.
3. Moayyad Zein-Eddeen.

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