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Palestine: Al-Awda village evacuated by Israeli troops

4th Feb 2014

By Chris Carlson

International Middle East Media Center: Israeli army forces stormed and evacuated the village of Al-Awda, or “The Return”, which was established by Palestinian activists in the Jordan Valley area which is threatened with confiscation.

Khaled Ma’ali, one of the activists, told the Palestinian News Network that the Israeli army raided the village on Sunday, at midnight, and evacuated it.
Ma’ali said that Israeli army troops surrounded the village and prevented anyone, including journalists, from reaching the village. At midnight, the forces broke into the village and started evacuating it, he said, adding that six activists were arrested and transferred to Jericho, where they were then released.
He further stated that the village was launched on Saturday, at 5 PM, and was evacuated by the Israeli army on Sunday, at midnight.
The army forces removed the tent that was erected by around 20 activists.

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