Palestine: Child kidnapped by Israeli soldiers in Aida refugee camp

12th Jun 2013

By Saed Bannoura


IMEMC & Agencies: Israeli soldiers kidnapped a Palestinian child and his father, from the Aida refugee camp, north of the West Bank city of Bethlehem. The child was released later on.


The Palestinian Prisoners Society (PPS) stated that the army phoned Omar Khalifa, and ordered him and his son Husam (12), to head to roadblock #300 where the both the father and his son were detained in a police vehicle until 2 a.m.
The PPS said that the army “could not find a detention facility willing to hold the child”, and decided to release him.
The father was moved to a detention center, and was informed that he will be sent to court later in the day; he was never informed of the cause of his arrest.
Dozens of children from Aida refugee camp have been recently detained, or imprisoned, by the Israeli army, without any warrant or a ‘justification’ for their arrest.
On Monday at dawn, dozens of soldiers invaded Beit Sahour, near Bethlehem, broke into the home of Sheikh Mohammad Radayda, in addition to the homes of two of his sons, and his brother, and searched the properties after forcing the families out.
Radayda said that the soldiers handed him a warrant ordering him to head to the Gush Eztion security and military base for interrogation, the Radio Bethlehem 2000 has reported.
Ten days ago, the Palestinian Prisoners Center for Studies issued its monthly report on the Palestinian political prisoners, held by Israel, and stated that Israeli soldiers carried out more than 280 invasions, targeting dozens of Palestinian districts, and kidnapped 370 Palestinians.
Palestinian researcher, head of the Media Department at the Palestinian Prisoners Center, Riyadh Al-Ashqar, stated that the army kidnapped more than 85 children in May, including two 9 and 7 years old, identified as Khaled Dweik, and Amro Dweik.


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