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Palestine: Israeil soldiers demolish a mosque, residential structures near Nablus

30th Apr 2014
Palestine: Israeil soldiers demolish a mosque, residential structures near Nablus


[A Palestinian man holds a damaged loudspeaker belonging to a mosque after it was demolished by Israeli bulldozers in Khirbet Al-Taweel village]
IMEMC & Agencies: Tuesday, several Israeli military jeeps and bulldozers invaded Khirbit at-Taweel village, near Aqraba town, south of the northern West Bank city of Nablus, where they demolished a mosque and several sheds.

Hamza Deeriyya, an activist against Israel’s Settlements, stated that dozens of soldiers imposed a tight siege on the village, and invaded it before demolishing the village’s mosque, six residential sheds and three agricultural structures.

Local sources said the soldiers displaced several families, rendering them homeless, and threw their belongings away.
They added that the soldiers attacked the residents, and dragged them out of their homes.

Deeriyya said that the army recently issued two destruction orders against the 80 square meter mosque that was built in 2006. He also said the soldiers demolished a well belonging to the mosque.

Dozens of Bedouin families, and villagers of various villages in southern Nablus, totally depend on agriculture and livestock as their source of livelihood.

It is worth mentioning that the army frequently conducts military drills using live ammunition in Palestinian agricultural lands in the area, the Jordan Valley, and near many other communities in the occupied West Bank.

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