Palestine: Israeli soldiers break into Negev Detention Camp, attack detainees

18th May 2013

By Saed Bannoura


IMEMC & Agencies: The Palestinian Detainees Study Center has reported that undercover forces of the Israeli military broke, on Thursday, into section 24 of the Negev detention camp, attacked the detainees and searched their beds and property.

Riyadh Al-Ashqar, head of the center, issued a press release on Friday stating that the attack took place on Thursday at night, approximately at 10, when dozens of soldiers forced the detainees out of their tents, forced them into the external toilets, and searched their tents for more than one hour.
He added that the search was “relatively quick” this time, as usually the army conducts such searcher for up to seven hours, and stated that the soldiers threw the detainees’ clothes and belonging onto the ground, confiscated some of their belonging, and claimed that they were searching for “smuggled mobile phones”; no phones were found.
The attack is similar to numerous attacks targeting the detainees held by Israeli in the Negev detention camp, and dozens of Israeli prisons and detention centers.


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