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Palestine: Israeli stabs young Palestinian in Jerusalem

11th Dec 2013

IMEMC & Agencies: Tuesday evening eyewitnesses reported that a young Palestinian man was moderately hurt after being stabbed by an Israeli extremist in Jaffa Road, in West Jerusalem, the Milad News Agency has reported.

Image By Milad News Agency

[Image By Milad News Agency]


The sources stated that Mohammad Marwan, 20 years of age, was heading back home from work when an Israeli settler stopped him asking for a cigarette, and when the settler made sure the young man was an Arab, he stabbed him.
The young Palestinian man, from Ras Al-’Amoud in East Jerusalem, was stabbed in the arm as tried to fend off the attack when he noticed the knife.
His family said that after Mohammad was stabbed, around nine more extremists, who were apparently hiding in the area, gathered around him and one of them struck the injured Palestinian on the head with a baton.
Mohammad’s cousin, who was buying some groceries at a nearby store, said he noticed one of the settlers placing a knife on his cousin’s neck, and ran towards him while shouting at the settlers who fled the scene.
He added that he witnessed an Israeli Police car driving nearby, but the officers did not even stop, and drove off, the Milad Agency said.
The injured Palestinian was moved to the Hadassah Israeli Hospital in Jerusalem, suffering an injury to his arm, in addition to bruises to the head and legs.


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