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Palestine: Six, including two Palestinian children, injured in Jerusalem

2nd Jun 2014
Palestine: Six, including two Palestinian children, injured in Jerusalem


By Saed Bannoura
IMEMC & Agencies: Sunday Palestinian medical sources reported that at least six Palestinians, including two children, were injured after Israeli army jeeps invaded the al-Wad Street, in the Old City, and attacked Palestinians celebrating the release of two political prisoners.


Local sources said the army attacked Palestinians celebrating the release of Ammar al-Hasry and Ahmad Abu Farha, as they peacefully marched from the al-Aqsa Mosque towards the al-Wad Street.
The sources said the army first used pepper spray against the Palestinians before attacking them with concussion grenades. Soldiers also kidnapped a former political prisoner, identified as Mahmoud Abdullatif.
The Palestinian News & Info Agency (WAFA) stated that the soldiers conducted provocative acts against the Palestinians, celebrating the release of the two detainees in the Old City of occupied Jerusalem, and fired concussion grenades at them.
WAFA added that three Palestinians identified as Nour az-Zourba, only 3 years of age, Khaled Barghouth, 13, and Yasser Najib, 32, were moved to a local hospital for treatment. The rest received treatment by local medics at the scene.
The two detainees, al-Hasry and Abu Farha, were released Sunday after al-Hasry spent 14 months in prison, and Abu Farha spent four months.

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