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Palestine: Two Palestinians shot by Israeli soldiers, mauled by dogs

2nd Feb 2014

IMEMC News: Saturday, lawyer of the Palestinian Ministry of Detainees, Tareq Barghouth, visited two Palestinians who were shot and wounded by Israeli military fire, before army dogs mauled them, and the soldiers dragged them onto the ground for more than 300 meters.


The two Palestinians, Adam Abdul-Ra’ouf Jamous, 17, and Jawhar Nasser Ed-Deen Halabiyya, 17, are from Abu Dis town, in occupied East Jerusalem.
They were visiting with a friend, on Thursday January 30, in the town before the army invaded it firing rounds of live ammunition. They suffered multiple injuries by live ammunition to various parts of their bodies.

Barghouth said that members of the Israeli Border Guards Police force unleashed their dogs on the two young Palestinian men, and the dogs mauled them before the soldiers dragged the two onto the ground for more than 300 meters.

The soldiers then assaulted them, beating them with batons, rifle butts, in addition to kicking and punching them causing several fractures. The soldiers then moved the two to the Hadassah Ein Karem Israeli hospital.

Barghouth further stated that he visited the two Palestinians who suffered several fractures, and numerous bruises to various parts of their bodies, and stated that three soldiers were posted at the door of the hospital room where the two were held

The soldiers even prevented the families of the two injured Palestinians from visiting with them, and stated he intends to file an official complaint against the army for the violent assault against them, and the abuse.

“What happened is immoral, a very serious violations and escalation; it is close to an execution attempt against them”, he said, “The soldiers practiced immoral, criminal acts, and violations against the two, and allowed their dogs to maul them this way”.

The two young Palestinians will remain detained, under interrogation while in their hospital beds, and will be sent to court on February 4, 2014, although the army has not pressed any charges yet”.

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