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Palestine: Undercover forces kidnap Palestinian near Ramallah

29th Oct 2013

By Saed Bannoura

IMEMC & Agencies: Monday undercover soldiers of the Israeli military kidnapped a member of the Islamic Jihad Movement, in Beit Leqia town, west of the central West Bank city of Ramallah. The man is a friend of a Palestinian who was recently killed by the army.

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Eyewitnesses said that the undercover soldiers abducted Mohammad Saleh Bader, 24, from a store run by his family in the town.
They said the soldiers, driving a civilian car carrying an Israeli license plate, stopped in front of the store for approximately seven minutes, before a number of undercover soldiers jumped out, kidnapped Bader, and drove away.
The soldiers also confiscated Bader’s mobile phone and laptop.
The soldiers violently attacked him, and repeatedly beat him before forcing him into their car and driving away.
He previously spent 4.5 years in Israeli prisons, and is a known member of the Islamic Jihad. He currently studies English at the Birzeit University near Ramallah.
Local sources said that Bader is a close friend of Mohammad ‘Aasy, 24, a member of the Al-Quds Brigades, the armed wing of the Islamic Jihad who was killed, on Tuesday at dawn, October 22, during armed clashes with Israeli soldiers in Kufur Ni’ma village, west of Ramallah.
Soldiers surrounded a cave where ‘Aasy was kidding, and he exchanged fire with them until they shot him dead.


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