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عid Mubarak

8th Aug 2013

We bid farewell to the blessed month of Ramadan, a month that brought us closer to God and uplifted our spirituality; a month that unites the Muslim ummah in fasting and prayers; a month that made our hearts tender towards our fellow human beings; a month of forgiveness;  a month that reminds us of those less fortunate than ourselves; a month of reflection.

We wish you all عid Mubarak – whenever you are celebrating it – and may Allah accept your prayers and your fasts.

Do not forget to pray for and remember those less fortunate than ourselves on this auspicious day.

Let us also not forget to pray for those who cannot celebrate عid because they are under occupation or in refugee camps or are under dictatorial rulers.

Please submit your photos taken during Ramadan and عid with short write up to be placed on our online Ramadan/عid page 

Email under the subject My عid or My Ramadan 

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