Saudi Arabia: 5,000 Saudi youths helping pilgrims

17th Oct 2013

1381845370792797500.jpg[TVTC scouts checking their maps to get acquainted with their stations and guide pilgrims]

By Fouzia Khan


Jeddah, (Arab News): Over 5,000 Saudi youth skilled in 25 professions have been helping Haj pilgrims in performing the rituals this season.

The Technical and Vocational Training Council Institute in Makkah, (TVTC) in collaboration with the Ministry of Haj extended full support to all the professional service programs to serve pilgrims.

Saudi youth helped in the maintenance of mosques, cleaning, repairing air-conditioners, guiding pilgrims, repairing vehicles among other tasks at the holy sites and roads leadings toward Makkah.

Ahmed bin Abdul Wahab, director of the TVTC program, said its main objective was to serve pilgrims. The youth were given extensive training covering all aspects of various programs launched by TVTC with the cooperation of various governmental authorities.

Abdul Wahab said the institution carried out a number of tasks to serve the pilgrims, including setting up service committees comprising experts and specialists to supervise the youth participating in the program.

The participation of more than 5,000 TVTC employees highlighted the hospitality of this country and willingness to serve pilgrims during Haj, he said. “The youngsters carried out their jobs in an outstanding manner, and also learned hospitality skills and social responsibilities,” he said, adding: “Our Saudi youth continually provided professional services in all the fields, according to their abilities.

TVTC really feels proud of the success of their mission of serving pilgrims.” Stating that the initiative would open up job opportunities, he said: “We are confident and have faith in our Saudi youth. We know that they can do anything, and serving pilgrims will help them become more professional and teach them their social responsibility as well. This will bring about a change and boom in hotel service sector, especially in the coming years.” Abdul Wahab thanked all the government authorities and ministries, especially the Ministry of Haj for extending unconditional support to the TVTC and the youth.

Abdul Wahab said that next year, new programs will be added to the existing ones to enhance the concept of technology in the service of the holy sites.

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