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Pakistan: Man kills six including daughter, son-in-law, two grandchildren

23rd Jul 2013

OKARA, (The News): A blood thirsty father-in-law here late on Monday night ruthlessly killed six members of his daughter’s family in a violent bid of restoring his “lost honor” five years after her marriage to a man she loved, Geo News reported.


As per sources, the tragedy came to pass in District Dipalpur’s village “Tara Singh” when a savagely vengeful Shaukat Mayo abetted by his cronies shot dead his son-in-law, his own daughter, two grandchildren, and two of his son-in-law’s brothers.


Details have it that the head of the deceased family, Tahir Sarwar, a resident of “Tara Singh”, had run off with Mayo’s daughter, Shahnaz, to live elsewhere leaving behind his murderously furious father-in-law burning in the fires of vengeance.


Sources said Shaukat, in order to restore his so-called lost honor, had sworn to kill the couple for bringing this traditional stigmatic shame to his family.


And he at last quenched his thirst for their blood when after five long years the unfortunate couple returned to their hometown thinking everything was going to be okay after Shahnaz’s outraged family would look at the angelic faces of their grandchildren. Alas! they were too wrong to even live to regret it.


Using the darkness of the night, Mayo and his mercenaries attacked the house the victims were lodged in and neither his own daughter nor his  grandchildren could stop him from massacring them in cold blood let alone make his hands tremble.


An unremorseful Mayo and his henchmen successfully made their gateway after making sure everyone in the house was dead. They have been declared outlaws since then, police said.


The police identifying the deceased as Tahir Sarwar, Shahnaz Tahir, Adnan Tahir (son), Ramish Tahir (daughter), Zahid (brother), and Nawaz (brother), have shifted the dead bodies to the hospital for autopsy.


Also registering a case the police have launched an investigation.,-son-in-law,-two-grandchildren

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