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Pakistan: Suicide attack on Afghan head kills three

25th May 2013

By Riaz Ahmad

PESHAWAR, (Express Tribune): Three people were killed on Friday in a suicide attack on a vehicle carrying the head of the Afghan Tanzeem Ahle Hadith, Haji Hayatullah, in Peshawar’s Faqeerabad neighbourhood. Hayatullah himself survived the attack but his gunman and driver were killed.

According to details, Hayatullah had just finished offering his Friday prayers at Darul Uloom-e-Islamia mosque when the attack took place. The suicide bomber had been waiting outside the main gate of the premises. He detonated his vest as soon as Hayatullah’s gunman opened the gate for the religious leader’s vehicle, killing himself, the gunman and the driver.

Hayatullah’s vehicle was also destroyed in the attack. Hayatullah was far from the site of the explosion and escaped unhurt. No other casualties were reported either since most of the people who offered prayers at the mosque had already left the premises.

Deputy Commissioner Javed Marwat confirmed that no one was injured in the attack and only three people were killed. He added that the Afghan religious leader was the intended target.



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