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Pakistan: Three women slain on FR Kohat Jirga order

16th Sep 2013

KOHAT, (The News): A woman, who had fled away from her house, along with her two accomplices was executed on the order of Jirga held here, Geo News reported on Monday.


Sources said that the women coming from Jawaki area of FR Kohat was residing in Karachi from where she allegedly fled away with a man to Swat hardly after two years of her marriage. A case of kidnapping of the woman was registered in Karachi and hunt for recovery was started. Later, Swat police recovering the wanted woman handed her over to her heirs.


Sources further said that a Jirga was held last night at Jawaki, when the run away woman and her aunt and a cousin for aiding and abetting in her fleeing from the house were cold bloodedly murdered on the orders of the Jirga.


Political administration said that investigations were in progress.


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