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Saudi Arabia: Kingdom will not be part of ‘ineffective Security Council with double standard’

19th Oct 2013


By Rashid Hassan

Riyadh, (Arab News): Saudi Arabia turned down a two-year stint as a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council (UNSC) on Friday, a day after its election onto the body.
It cited as reasons the failure of the body to resolve global conflicts including the long-standing Palestinian issue, Syrian civil war, and freeing the Middle East of weapons of mass destruction.
The UNSC needs to reform so it can fulfill its mandate of ensuring world peace, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement carried by the SPA on Friday.
“The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia believes that the manner, the mechanisms of action and a double standard existing in the Security Council prevent it from performing its duties and assuming its responsibilities toward preserving international peace and security as and when required,” the statement said.
This has led to the “continued disruption of peace and security, the expansion of injustices against people, violation of rights and the spread of conflicts and wars around the world.”
The ministry said: “The real guarantee for world security and peace requires all member states to abide by the UN Charter honestly, truthfully and accurately.
“It is unfortunate that all international efforts that have been exerted in recent years, and in which Saudi Arabia participated very effectively, did not result in the reforms required for the Security Council to regain its desired role of ensuring peace and security in the world.
The current continuation of the Palestinian cause without a just and lasting solution for 65 years, which resulted in several wars threatening international peace and security, is irrefutable evidence and proof of the Security Council’s inability to carry out its duties and assume its responsibilities.” The ministry added: “Allowing the ruling regime in Syria to kill and burn its people with chemical weapons, while the world stands by idly, without applying deterrent sanctions against the regime, is also irrefutable evidence and proof of the inability of the Security Council to carry out its duties and responsibilities.”
The ministry said the Security Council also failed to counter “without exception” the nuclear ambitions of all Middle East countries.
The ministry said the Kingdom rejects the seat “until the council is reformed and enabled, effectively and practically” to carry out its mandate.
The UN General Assembly on Thursday elected Saudi Arabia, Chad, Chile, Lithuania and Nigeria to serve as non-permanent members on the Security Council for two-year terms beginning Jan. 1.

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