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Palestine: Gaza casualty toll on the rise, Israeli strikes continue on day 20

Palestine: Eight Palestinians killed, dozens wounded Sunday

Eid moon sighting possiblities, Muslims in South Africa have declared Eid

Pakistan: More rain with thunder, lightening forecast in next 24 hours in Rawalpindi

Libya: US embassy evacuated after heavy violence

Palestine: List of Palestinians killed by Israeli forces between July 8 to July 27

Palestine: Two Palestinians beaten by Jewish mob in Jerusalem

Palestine: Reports show murder of 3 Israeli teenage settlers was not carried out by Hamas

Palestine: Remains of 85 Palestinians located under rubble of bombarded homes

Palestine: Ten Palestinians killed by Israeli forces in West Bank

Palestine: At least 15 kidnapped by Israeli forces from West Bank

Palestine: Palestinians pull over 140 bodies from under Gaza rubble, total killed 1000

Lebanon: Nasrallah: Israel on a path towards “suicide” in Gaza

Palestine: Two Palestinians killed as tens of thousands protest Israeli assault across West Bank

Palestine: Amid Gaza ceasefire calm, at least 40 dead bodies are found

Palestine: Entire 20 members of one family in Gaza killed prior to ceasefire, as death toll tops 940

Palestine: Seventeen killed in early morning hours of Friday

Palestine: Israeli forces invade Azzun in W Bank, use Palestinian civilians as human shields

Palestine: 931 Palestinians from Jerusalem & inside Israel taken captive in 3 Weeks

Saudi Arabia behind effort to disarm the Palestinian Resistance

Non Muslim violent extremists avoid wrath of Government terrorist laws

31st Jan 2014


When are extremists convicted of planning and carrying out violent attacks allowed to escape the full force and attention of the Government’s anti-terrorism laws and policies? The answer is presumably when they are not Muslim if recent arrests and trials are anything to go by. As reported by The Muslim News, a gang of Sikh extremists have been jailed for a total of nearly 50 years for cutting the throat of a retired Indian general on the streets of London. Last month, a right-wing terrorist was given bail despite the discovery of a suspected nail bomb.

All the Sikh members worshipped at the Central Gudwara London (Khalsa Jatha), which they used as a “base and meeting point” to plan the pre-meditated stabbing. But there was no indication that the centre or others were to be put under any surveillance not for members of their community to be subjected to de-radicalisation programmes.

The right-wing terrorist was a 19-year old British soldier, who was also alleged to have been found with extremist leaflets in his possession. Yet it was understood that he had not been subjected to pre-charge detention so commonly used against Muslims, under which suspected terrorist can be held for up to 14 days while investigations continue.

Suffice to say, both case are in stark contrast to the treatment of Muslims so regularly littered in the front-page headlines of the national press. The whole Muslim community is targeted with the Government’s anti-terror legislations including the Prevent Extremism policy. We don’t see that with other communities when their members are involved in terrorism. Is this considered a level playing field? Rather it seems that it is one rule for one community and another for the rest.






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