Ramadan Radio Listing

27th Jun 2014


Ilm Radio Ramadhan BLACKBURN 87.7 Fm
Ramadan Fm BRADFORD 87.7 Fm
Ramadhan Fm BRISTOL 87.7 Fm
Radio Ramadhan CARDIFF 87.7 Fm
Radio Ramadan DUDLEY 87.7 Fm
Ramadan Fm EAST LONDON 87.9 Fm
Radio Ramadan EDINBURGH 87.8 Fm Extra info: Starts on June 28 airs in Arabic, Bengali, English and Urdu (online streaming).
Radio Ramadhan GLASGOW 87.7 Fm
Radio Ramadan HARROW 96.2 Fm
Radio Ramzan HIGH WYCOMBE 88.3 Fm Extra info: Starts on June 28. (online streaming).
Radio Ramadan HUDDERSFIELD 107.9 Fm
Ramadan Radio KEIGHLEY 102.1 Fm
Ramadhan Radio LEICESTER  87.7 Fm
Inspire Fm LUTON 105.1 Fm
Heritage Fm MANCHESTER  87.7 Fm
Ramadan Fm MILTON KEYNES  107 Fm: Extra info: Starts on June 28. Airs in English with 2 hours per day of other languages – Arabic, Bengali, Swahili and Urdu (online streaming).
NEWCASTLE Fast FM  87.9 Fm
Ramzan Fm OLDHAM 87.9 Fm
Radio Ramadan PETERBOROUGH 87.7 Fm
Ramadan Fm PRESTON  87.9 Fm
Radio Ramadhan SHEFFIELD 87.7 Fm Extra info: Starts on July 1
Radio Ramadan SLOUGH 87.7 Fm: Extra info: Broadcast 24hrs a day throughout Ramadan.  You can also follow highlights by logging into twitter, Instagram or YouTube and following the station (online streaming).
Radio Ramadan STOKE 87.8 Fm
Radio Ramadan TEESSIDE 87.7 Fm
Radio Ramadan WALSALL 87.8 Fm


Other: Full-time Community Radio Station – broadcasting beyond Ramadan

UnityFM BIRMINGHAM 93.5 Fm (License up to Aug 2016)

Radio Ikhlas DERBY 107.8 Fm (License up to Sept 2016)

Radio Dawn NOTTINGHAM 107.6 Fm (License up to April 2016)

1 Ummah Fm READING 95.6 Fm (License up to Nov 2016)

Crescent Radio ROCHDALE 97 Fm (License up to Sept 2016)

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