Counter-terror police investigate Islamophobic DVDs sent to London mosques

27th Sep 2013

By Elham Asaad Buaras


Scotland Yard’s counter terrorism command is investigating hate-filled DVDs containing pornographic and Islamophobic material sent to several mosques, Islamic centres and Muslim groups during Ramadan.


The footage shows a fake skull with a snake coming out of its eye socket and the words Prophet Muhammad scrawled across it. Cards with offensive words are held underneath before it is cut with scenes from a porn film and a BBC Newsnight report about a banned extremist Muslim group.


Media officer at Muslim Council of Britain, Naseema Begum, told The Muslim News she was left “very shocked” having watched “the graphic content.”


“The DVD was not addressed to anyone it was received on late on August 23 but I watched it on August 27.”


AbdulMaalik Tailor discovered the vile discs at the Annoor Mosque in Acton and at the nearby office of the Islamic History of Britain in Eastman Road.


Tailor said: “It was disgusting. What if a child had picked it up instead?”


The sender had some knowledge of Islam as one was addressed to “His Immaculate Holiness Ashraf Al Mursaleen”, a title for Prophet Muhammad, while the other had “His Wonderous Cleric of Islam” on the envelope.


Tailor said it has not made him fearful but has made him more wary.


He said: “It makes you feel like you should be more aware, to be more careful about what comes through the post. I know mosques in other parts of London who search people’s bags when they come for Friday prayer. I hope we don’t have to do that. ”


He added, “What’s worrying is that it’s orchestrated. It’s a targeted approach at Muslim communities across London. I hope they get prosecuted and I hope this is not the first one, that it’s the last and only one.” Chairman of Harlow Islamic Centre, Ajaib Hussain, told The Muslim News the London centre also received a hate CD but it was six months ago.


A Metropolitan Police spokesman confirmed to The Muslim News officers from SO15 Counter Terrorism Command “are investigating a linked series of malicious communications in London and other parts of the UK.”

There have been no arrests at this stage.

“We are aware of more than 40 of these DVDs containing offensive literature being sent. The victims include a number of prominent figures and religious organisations. We are treating this as hate crime.”


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