Muslim student searched at Lucknow University

31st Jan 2014

Abdul Adil

A Muslim student was frisked during the annual convocation of Lucknow University, Lucknow, India, on January 9. Vice Chancellor of the university Dr S B Nimse is said to have regretted the incident when the victim met him on January 15.

Zahid Akhtar, a BA second year student at the university was body-frisked three times by officials for allegedly sporting a long beard when he was entering the premises. Next day his room was searched following which he wrote a complaint and submitted to the VC office.

“I met the VC today at his chamber. He said he deeply regretted what happened with me. It will never occur again. If you face any problem meet me directly,” Zahid Akhtar told India Tomorrow over phone.

Students group Students’ Islamic Organisation of India had protested the frisking and sent a letter to National Human Rights Commission and National Commission for Minorities. Renowned social activist Sandeep Panday also condemned the extra frisking of the student. Akhtar said: “I was in the queue of students who were allowed one by one after normal checking by the police. When my turn came I was taken out of the queue and body-frisked thrice by some officials of the varsity including my hostel warden. When I protested they scolded me. Misbehaviour did not end there. Next day some varsity officials came up to my hostel room and searched it thoroughly as if I am a terror suspect. They opened my almirah (cupboard) and searched it also.”

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