Hijab ban in schools in France

25th Oct 2013

Sir, I agree that if you can’t wear your religious symbol in public, you should leave that country but how can you assume that everyone is able to do that?!

Not all Muslims must be immigrants, what about those who are settled there since a long time ago and shifting to a different country altogether is not a possibility? Of course it’s their country too! (those who were born there) plus, headscarf is not just a symbol of Islam. It is worn to hide the hair so as to appear modest. It’s not just a symbol and hence very important whereas wearing a veil is entirely optional in Islam. But keep in mind that a head scarf is not optional.

Looks like I should stop dreaming about going to study to France one day since I would most probably be frowned upon or if this law comes into action, be expelled.



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Sir, France is supposed to be big on “Liberty” which quite frankly is a joke. Their ridiculous laws on religious expression are completely the opposite of freedom.

Muslim girls who want to wear their headscarves are forced to take them off before going into the classroom is pure discrimination. The suggestion to then ban the scarf from universities too is ABSURD. Those young women are educated enough to know what they want to wear. The issue of the HEADSCARF is BORING. The French government seems to have nothing else to discuss.


Kerry Touati

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[These letters are in response to stories on hijab ban in schools in France]


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