Muslim children future blighted by scaremongering on operation ‘Trojan Horse’

27th Jun 2014

Sir, I think the lives of the children who have left the school and are to leave will be terribly blighted. Who will offer them a job or give them a university place now? Even if they get superb results (as they have been getting).
I think you should question Education Secretary, Michael Gove and Ofsted about the harm done to the children and if no assurances are given, may be those affected need to sue the Ofsted, the Department of Education, all the papers that have smeared the school.
Via Email

Sir, Your headline in the last issue of The Muslim News was on the spot ‘Islamophobic scaremongering at its worst’ on the way the media reported the fraudulent ‘Trojan Horse’ letter. Not only the media, but politicians of all shades and form demonised Muslims – teachers, governors, head teachers – in the Birmingham schools.
The accusations that extremism had taken hold in these schools and that Muslims were taking over schools were presented as if they were facts. No evidence was produced.
I haven’t seen such a good reporting and rebuttal as you have done. Muslim leaders weren’t that good and reacted late.
The worst thing is that it was the Muslim pupils who were demonised most, that is, they were being radicalised and becoming extremists. What of their future? How must they be feeling – to be attacked, demonised, seen as a threat to others?
We live at a time when Muslims are made scapegoats of the failure of the Government and vying for right wing votes for the local and European elections. This is going to get worse as we near the General Elections next year.
Our politicians shout from the top of their voices that they and their policies are not targeted at Islam and Muslims in general. But what has happened and is happening regarding the Birmingham and now schools in other parts of England puts paid to that. Our Government is targeting the Islam and Muslims in general.
Islamophobia is rampant in the establishment. This needs to change.
Omar Abdullah,

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