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Terrorist attacks on mosques

27th Sep 2013

Sir, How right you are to criticise the Prime Minister for refusing to condemn terrorist attacks against Muslims and mosques. I haven’t seen this in any media, neither have I heard any Muslim leader condemning the Government for disregarding terrorist attacks against Muslims and our places of worship.

I did not realise that hundreds Muslims would have been killed or injured if the imam of Tipton Mosque had not change the Friday prayer time by one hour. Even after knowing this, our David Cameron did not condemn the attack. What if the bomb was by a Muslim and the place of worship was a church or a synagogue? Within minutes of the hypothetical attack, the Prime Minster would have condemned the attack and that also as a terrorist attack. The Government would have invited Muslim leaders to a meeting to be lectured to about radicalisation, extremism…I could go on and on.

No wonder young Muslims are angry. They don’t trust the politicians when they say they are concerned for the safety of Muslims and that the police are protecting us.

Thank God for The Muslim News newspaper we are kept abreast of what is happening to the Muslim community.


Imran Mohammed


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