US killing civilians

24th Dec 2013

Sir, US drones in Pakistan have killed hundreds of innocent civilians including children. What the US and the rest of the West calls it “collateral damage” as if the damage is non-living. It is no wonder that the US has not been taken to an international tribunal for committing what the Amnesty International has called war crimes (The Muslim News, November 29).

The US is not only killing civilians in Pakistan. It is committing crimes in Yemen, Somalia, Afghanistan and other Muslim countries. What is sad to see is that the governments in these countries are complicit in the killings by allowing the US to continue to bomb its citizens. Officially Pakistan may deny any knowledge but the US cannot bomb its country without its approval.

Even though Amnesty International says what the US is doing is committing a war crime, no action will be taken. The US will continue with its killings.


Aisha Begum


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