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Poem: He was a man like no angel…

27th Jun 2013

By Jawad Shah



He was a man like no angel, with wings widespread,

and over galaxies of minds,

with a heart fairing heavier in weight than mountains of gold,

yet the wretched eyes of the ignorant man-

perceive him as nothing more than one lost in the dark.

with words that could melt the steel in the heart,

a pearl brought back from a world of no mark,

a star he was born in the absence of a sun,

through the sandy hills of Arabian heat,

a lone rider with heavens’ mercy below his feet,

cloaked by stormy winds of dust and disease,

standing alone against both enemy and kin,

Occupants of the heavens stand to praise and laud,

The earth itself weeps for the loss of one diamond unflawed.





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