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Poetry: Against All Odds

31st Mar 2013

Against All Odds


An expulsion of fluid

A striving at all cost

Still miracle occurs


A parasitic lump

That clings for life

Nourished and protected

By a slender life line


Dependent and fragile

Always at risk

An yet it survives

Against all odds


Proliferation is rapid

Singularity amidst multiplicity

Perfection in proportionality

From existence into being


Parsimonious warmth and shelter

Harmony touching on bliss

Unceremonious shift- ousted

Against all odds


Shock! Bewilderment

Impossible to defy

Crying and wailing justified

Destiny awaits to lay claim


Cherished in loving arms

Or unwanted arrival

Life’s obstacles will unfold

Toil and struggle to the light

Despite all Odds


Rashidah Butt


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