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Palestine: Gaza casualty toll on the rise, Israeli strikes continue on day 20

Palestine: Eight Palestinians killed, dozens wounded Sunday

Eid moon sighting possiblities, Muslims in South Africa have declared Eid

Pakistan: More rain with thunder, lightening forecast in next 24 hours in Rawalpindi

Libya: US embassy evacuated after heavy violence

Palestine: List of Palestinians killed by Israeli forces between July 8 to July 27

Palestine: Two Palestinians beaten by Jewish mob in Jerusalem

Palestine: Reports show murder of 3 Israeli teenage settlers was not carried out by Hamas

Palestine: Remains of 85 Palestinians located under rubble of bombarded homes

Palestine: Ten Palestinians killed by Israeli forces in West Bank

Palestine: At least 15 kidnapped by Israeli forces from West Bank

Palestine: Palestinians pull over 140 bodies from under Gaza rubble, total killed 1000

Lebanon: Nasrallah: Israel on a path towards “suicide” in Gaza

Palestine: Two Palestinians killed as tens of thousands protest Israeli assault across West Bank

Palestine: Amid Gaza ceasefire calm, at least 40 dead bodies are found

Palestine: Entire 20 members of one family in Gaza killed prior to ceasefire, as death toll tops 940

Palestine: Seventeen killed in early morning hours of Friday

Palestine: Israeli forces invade Azzun in W Bank, use Palestinian civilians as human shields

Palestine: 931 Palestinians from Jerusalem & inside Israel taken captive in 3 Weeks

Saudi Arabia behind effort to disarm the Palestinian Resistance

Poetry: Confessions of a Sin

24th Dec 2013


Behold my magnificence as I revel in my victories as you have come to know,

How forts of empires tall and strong, crumbled helplessly under my blow.

Grasp your hearts ye faint! for this be no simple rhyme,

I brought doom upon the greatest of saints,

“My life! My life!” was the cry of the last victim of mine.

I am everywhere to be seen yet my attacks come from the unseen,

Undefeated still I remain in my battles with the souls of man,

Slaves of their lust, slaves of their desires, slaves of their greed.

Many a family I tore apart, and there still be clouds over war torn lands,

My web is cast far and wide, none but angels live secure,

Upon the head of the devil I placed my crown, resting my use for his bloodied hand.

I am the commander of corruption, the vanquisher of virtue,

The master of malice, the ruin of rectitude,

I am sin, and be warned, for I have come to finish you…

 Jawad Shah

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Raza ShahDecember 28, 2013



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