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25th Oct 2013

Deadly fire at Bangladesh factory


At least nine people have been killed when a fire swept through a clothing factory near the Bangladeshi capital, Dhaka. Local media said about 50 people had been hurt in the blaze, which broke out late on Oct 8 in Gazipur. Safety standards in Bangladesh’s garment factories are notoriously poor – more than 1,100 people died in April when a factory outside Dhaka collapsed.



Rare painting by Turkey’s last caliph sold at auction



A rare oil painting by the last Muslim caliph, the whereabouts of which were unknown for decades, fetched 1.6 million lira ($804,000) at auction on Oct 6.

An anonymous collector secured “Women in the Courtyard,” by Abdulmecid II in 1899, after a hotly contested round of bidding. The asking price had been 1.2 million lira.

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